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Is there anyone left who haven’t had a problem with Aramex? I assure you, there are NONE! Every person with the slightest interest in having their packages arrive on time, as promised, must’ve had a problem with this company. Either because of their below zift customer service or their nonexistent sense of time!

just 2 days ago, I received an email from them telling me they’re going to raise their rates here in the emirates too. First Kuwait now the emirates. I’ve never ever seen a company that thrives with bad feedbacks! And now they think they’re entitled for a raise??

Anyway, I was reading their email and one thing just made me real mad. Our goal at SHOP&SHIP is to provide the highest level of quality & customer service while offering the best shipping options available.

One thing led to another, and I ended up replying to them with the following:

your goal is not to provide the highest level of quality and customer service. the only thing you aspire to is to do a mediocre job and cash in on your temporary novelty!

I based my negative opinion because of the following:

1-You never delivered a package without calling me and taking my whole address all over again. each time there is a package, your guys call me and let me instruct them and give every detail about where I live. (you’d think they’d refer to their past delivery details. but I guess thats “Good enough” service for you).

2-Whenever there is a problem, I either wait a very long time on hold & transfers between your personnel, or there is absolutely no one in the shop and ship department.

3-One time you lost my package, I’ve waited a very long time for it to arrive with NO luck, finally I complained, and they told me to bring something to prove my purchase, and so I did. they compensated me eventually… then… around 3 months later, my lost package magically arrived!

4-And after all this, you email me saying you’re gonna raise your rates???? and you actually wrote in the email that your goal is highest quality and customer service?!?REALITY CHECK ASAP!!!


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13 Responses to “Aramex: Shop & Wait.”

  1. Mishary says:

    Yousef try UshopWeship.com they r better. the low side is: they check ur mail box once a week however u can pay ur shipment fee online.

  2. Yousef says:

    yeah I’ve been thinking of using loco’s account if I ever wanted to buy something off the net.

  3. Hamad says:

    guys try to figure out when they ship the packages, flights dates ya3ni w set your order on it, ya3ni in UK they ship every Wed. & Friday so your order should be set on monday and shipped from uk by wednesday so u get here by sat 😛

    mayseer kila a3alemkom

  4. Yousef says:

    Hamad ka tfakkir! 😛 ana ma a6lib wayid nafs gabil.. 3a6oony 3ain ithahir! bs bainy o bainik, flan bait’hom gamaw ya6leboon wayid.. they could use your advice.

  5. Hamad says:

    ehehe… enzain 3a6oona post about TVs bashtery wa7ed w still madry shakheth SONY bravia 42″ or the samsungs aby shay ekon HD and LCD not plazma w ekoon ma bain end of 30s” or bedayat el 40s” etha fe smth better than these two brands feedona

  6. Hamad says:

    I signed up for ushopweship! MY FOOTBALL MANAGER CD IS IN ARAMEX DAMNED OPERATION FACILITY SINCE 26TH! my next package will be delivered by ushopweship! finally we have a decent company

  7. Mishary says:

    Yousef .. cheneck tadreeeey gaaa6 ethny wasmaa3kooom !!! hehehehehehehe 🙂 bas sa3ba a7aded chethy 6alaby.

    Hamad .. Regarding UshopWeship tara mo wayeeed sare3een bet7es enhoom ab6a’a men Aramex .. o mesakeeen tara ma3endohom elaa hendeya wa7da edagdeg 3alaik !! o etlawe3 el chabd !!! et7eeen edfa3 online wella manwaselek 6alabeek !!! 7eta law tedfa3a cash on deliverey mara7 yagbelonaa !!! bet’atheeek 🙂 o inshalla regarding el TV inta mesta3yel wella la’a ?

  8. Yousef says:

    Hamad ana magdar afeedik wayid ibsalfat il TVs. but I think Mishary should make a post stating the ups and downs of the latest TVs. he’s good at it. especially that he has 2 AMAZING TVs in his home. 😀

  9. Hamad says:

    ana mo mesta3yel wayed 3adi.. bas lail7een el ranking

    1. sony bravia
    2. samsung
    3. to be decided bain panasonic and toshiba

  10. Mishary says:

    Yousef thelneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !!!!! walah masewa 3aalaaay !!!!! 😛

    Hamad .. inshalla i will post about the tv

  11. mustafa says:

    Everyone… I found a solution! and you don’t have to leave ARAMEX.
    I just subscribed to http://www.TheAmericanConcierge.com, they do almost anything for overseas customers, ANYTHING… They charge you a monthly membership, but believe me it’s worth it, you get your money back in no time. they even hand delivered my package to ARAMEX in NY and gave me a tracking number right away.
    so far..so good

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  13. Posta Plus says:

    try out the new MYBox service from Posta Pluls Kuwait dial 1881881 our customer service will answer all you inquiries about MyBox service to shop online from USA and UK and posta will do the shipping for you with very competitive rates…