With this tool no need to burn ur hands any more for testing water temperature ! This tools got a sensor that measure the water temperature and when the water temp. got more than 89F it will light RED meaning that the water is hot be careful ! (( walah ta6awor fok 3omreeek o lat7areeg seb3eek ba3daain teg3ad et3athethaa wetle7saa ya3ny betbared 3alaih men el khar3a)) :)


This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 9:28 pm

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  1. Hamad says:

    cool.. bas still i dont want my water to be colored, ya36eek sho3oor enik wasekh lol


  2. Mishary says:

    kaaaaaaaaaak 7ilwaaa :)


  3. loco says:

    wow! very nice abyyyy. 5o ana wayed e9er feny eny a7terg min el may el 7ar! bas hatha ohwa el 7al 😀


  4. Mishary says:

    Walla erkheees 3ad chena 7awalaay el KD5.500


  5. 9K2HN says:

    If i understand it correctly you can’t attach it to our 7anafeya….


  6. Mishary says:

    9K2HN, walla ga3ed afaker a6lebly wa7daaa wajareb me7na khasranen shay. and BTW welcome to our blog :)


  7. INTER-DE-MILANO says:

    ana hatha akhaaaf ashreebaah mo aghaseel feeh 😛 ishaweg 😛


  8. Mishary says:

    INTER-DE-MILANO, wallah fakkaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! teftaaak etfeech el maay o tan6er lona etaghayaaar takhayaaal !!!?


  9. pumkinah says:

    enzain wetha 9ar el may dafee ay looooon bekooooon ? hmmmmmmmm


  10. Mishary says:

    pumkinah, theech el saa3 el maghsalaa betsareekh betgoleech le7geneeeeeeeeeeeey tara tewahagt madry ayloon asheb now ! 😛


  11. pumkinah says:

    la wenta el 9aj bt9eer desco etsheb azrg w7mr 😛


  12. Mishary says:

    pumkinah, heheheheheheh 7ilwaaa hatheey


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