For those of u who asked me to post the instructions about how to let safari reads arabic fonts here it is:

Just drop the file into system/library/fonts/cache

here is the file


This entry was posted on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 12:02 am

15 Responses to “iPhone Safari Reads ARABIC NOW”

  1. Hamad says:

    el7een ma3qoola mako 6areqa to transfer a file ela via wireless network!
    aby 6areqa thanya any idea?


  2. Mishary says:

    Hamad apple want the iphone to be locked its a protection i think .. o the only way im using it now is Fugu.


  3. Hamad says:

    its kinda stupid.. why dont they allow remote ssh why do I have to be in the same network to have access..


  4. Mishary says:

    Hamad walla saj bas alah ekhaleey el hackers :)


  5. Yousef says:

    loco ilyom gally ina ako iphone ib 1600 dhs…. getla idig 3ala ily ibee3a ita’akkad..

    thought you should know 😉


  6. Mishary says:

    SIj loco ?!?!? :)


  7. Hamad says:

    mishary i dropped that file and still it didnt work.. el a7ref emfachicha


  8. Mishary says:

    Hamad, walla i did it and it worked .. bas tadree shino .. bas google kel shay 3araby tegraah fehaa bas any other site still !


  9. Hussam says:

    Salam shabab
    I have a 1.1.2 firmware , when I went to the system/library/fonts/cache
    I found that the file is already there but still can not show arabic sites on the safari.

    Can anybody help???



  10. Wahid says:

    Please can you advise on how to add arabic font to my IPHONE so I can read arabic emails and newspapers


  11. ali says:

    ur link dose not work !!!


  12. ali says:

    dont download this file
    plz give me other site to download it plzzzzz
    i need help


  13. Nizar says:

    Any one can tell me how to make iphone to read and writ ARABIC I’m on fido network, I see everybody happy about their phone work but I try all website no chance



  14. Hewad says:

    link doesnt work i need this font so badly upload it again


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