Remember old days ? 🙂 Yousef do u remember your mother mobile phone which u bring it with u to shalaih ? 🙂

Above u can see a map of all “Most” of Nokia phones from 1982 – 2006 “Click the picture to see it in original size”.

BTW Thanks Ahmad.


This entry was posted on Saturday, November 17th, 2007 at 12:40 am

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  1. INM says:

    i found my first one i bought it !!! it was in 1999

  2. Mishary says:

    INM 8 yrs ago bs hatha makan ur first mobile right ? the first one was SE i think

  3. Nameless says:

    Yisalmik Mishary warni mal um yousif?

  4. loco says:

    1999 hehe my first NOKIA and phone KITKAT 😛 ayaaaaaaaam! enshalla ma etreed 😛 ( MABY AREED ADREES THANWAYA WA JAM3A MARA THANYA :S )

  5. Mishary says:

    Nameless Hehehehehehe madreey etha Yousef yertha or not .. bs i think u will find it under 1993 shay chethy yomken 😛

    loco Heheheheheheh ya7laileek met3aged wayeeed shaklek 🙂

  6. dots... says:

    i loved the way it is presented… if only production charts can be like that !

  7. Mishary says:

    dots… Me 2 i liked to see also if they have the future chart also .. wayeed wanasa eshbyanzel ba3ad cham sena !

  8. Yousef says:

    Mishary dawarta maligaita! athkir kan isamoona shaba7 hehehe 😛

    Nameless hehehehehehe khalaw omy barra isalfa! 😛

  9. dots... says:

    Mishary la 3ad ta5ayal law kanaw yrawonik il future plan winteh il CEO il Sony Erricson !!!!!!! 😉

  10. Mishary says:

    Dots.., wala law kent el CEO chan hadait Yousef ebro7a bel blog ma3akom o 7arabtkom kelekom 🙂 sheft neyety eshloon gashra 🙂

  11. dots... says:

    lol … t7aribna..

    remember in marketing “once u loose a customer you loose 10 ” 😉

  12. Mishary says:

    dots… la yoba ana sharekoom sharekom maby CEO aby blogeey 😛