Now my iPhone interface is arabic also .. So now i can say my iPhone is FULLY arabic support.

Here are the instruction for making ur interface arabic:

its so easy just transfer the attached file to System->Library->CoreServices->SpringBoard.app->English.lproj

Attached File


This entry was posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2007 at 3:30 am

19 Responses to “Now My iPhone Interface is ARABIC !”

  1. Nameless says:

    My sister has an iPhone but she has major problems with the service. A lot of times we call her and it’s turned off and she tells us it was on! Also if she’s talking on the other line it seems sometimes you get a busy signal rather than call waiting when you call her. Ya3ni personally I am really annoyed that she even has it because of how bad the service is ! Are you having the same problem willaa 3aadi?

  2. loco says:

    i have an iphone but NO problem with me! cheek the SIM card ( yomken very old ) cuz ely yshtegel eb ZAIN galy etha fe problem bel service yomken min el SIM card !

  3. loco says:

    ibrickr ibrickr ibrickr :S windows :S bas aby wa7ed yeshtee’3el ma3a EL MAC :S

  4. Mishary says:

    Nameless, i think loco right check her sim card .. coz even my iphone work smoothly

  5. Mishary says:

    loco, y u want ibrickr ?

  6. loco says:

    eshlooon asaway 3ayal ????

  7. Mishary says:

    loco, elbarnamaj ely geltlek 3ana inta o yousef esma Fugu .. roo7 google o saw search 3alla Fugu OSX

  8. Hamad says:

    feh safari support ?

  9. Mishary says:

    Hamad, NO “adrii 7a6amt amaleeek”

  10. Hamad says:

    ma mina fayda 3ayal.. mabi my menu ekon arabic.. now im reading the msgs bas safari nagis

  11. HASHIM says:

    HEY man i appreciate it that your putting the link to download the arabci interface softwear for the apple but the link has been experired ,, can you please renew it?? would be really nice of you ! thanks man and keep up the good work!

  12. jelly says:


    A file link is only available for a certain number of days or a limited number of downloads, whichever occurs first. Once an uploaded file expires, it can no longer be downloaded. If you still need the file, please contact the original sender directly.

  13. Mansoor says:

    Hello, could you please allow me to download the arabic interface file for iphone?

  14. amoret says:

    thank you so match

  15. nizar says:

    heloo need some helpwith i phone arabic 2.2 it like reads arabic back wards and keyboard is in english need arabic

  16. lol says:

    the attached file’s “expired”!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. :( says:


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