We want to upgrade our old “Dowwa” with new and large one so, Today we went to souq alsofafeer to buy one. My last visit was long time ago when i was in ebteda’e, i think with my father.

We were expecting the souq to be crowded with people but it was nearly empty.



The souq is actually divided into 6 or 7 garages which are parallel to each other, So we went ahead and begin asking for our dowwa and i noticed something strange that what ever i ask for in each shop the seller will NEVER say “i dont have this item” they always go and ask for it in other shops near them so the result will be the same for each shop “ya3ni mala da3ey edesh 3ala kel ma7al coz kel ma7al eyeeb men jara ely nagsa !” and all of them have the same source ! 🙂



They even sells a wooden dowwa and u can customize it “3eshtaaaw”


Finally we bought our new dowwa and it gonna finish tomorrow “because it got some special features 3eshtaw CPU mo dowwa” 🙂 and we bought 2 smalls 7asala for my brother in law kids 🙂


This entry was posted on Friday, November 23rd, 2007 at 1:51 am

8 Responses to “Souq Alsofafeer”

  1. knafa says:

    customized dowwa, WTF!!!?? 🙂

  2. Stewie says:

    LOL my last time i was there elsena elly 6afat .. shareet like statue about Kuwait (lanj o en5ala o elabraaj) .. I gave it for my tutor bil uni la2anna mashani eb madda!! 😛 😛 LOLz

    good post .. so toraathy

  3. Mishary says:

    knafa Hehehehehehe yes we want removal plate with specific dimensions 🙂

    Stewie thanx alot 🙂 o 7ilwa el rashwa 😛

  4. Yousef says:

    Allaaaah 😀 7ag lishta haaaaaa!!

  5. Mishary says:

    Yousef ee hathy leste3dadat 🙂

  6. pumkinah says:

    abee kastan !!!
    plzz 9awer lena ur costume made dewwwah 😛

  7. Mishary says:

    pumkinah hehehehehehehehehe loool 🙂

  8. Moh.shatti says:

    hi all walla 7asafa 3alahatha el souq elsara7a mo bs history this market is more like a common tradition of kuwait i wish that the gov try to set the focus on it

    With all love 🙂