Today when i was at work “my work in/out the office” i found this and i want to share it with you.


When i was coming back home i found these blocking my way !


I was waiting for them like 5-7 mins. I tried EVERY THING to make them leave with no success !


I felt like he was looking at me and saying like ” eshtabeee ?? morrrr” ! o kan ekhezny.


Finally they left me in peace.


This entry was posted on Friday, November 16th, 2007 at 9:35 pm

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  1. loco says:

    our camel lovely camel

  2. Nameless says:

    LOL @ Loco’s comment!

    It’s good you were patient. If someone hits a camel I think I heard that the guy driving/the car are likely to get very hurt. It’s not like hitting a cat or a dog, you know? It can be quite dangerous on those roads where you’re driving fast and a camel shows up out of the blue! If that’s your way to work soog bil3adal oo 7i66 baaalik.

  3. Mishary says:

    Nameless ur right wala el meshkela law etla7eth eb first pic kanaw 3 yam ba3ath fa kent akhaaf amshy bainhoom yekhtar3oon weyooon el bajy el group kelaa !

  4. INM says:

    Why the legs look different i mean the front white and the back brown or yellow !

  5. Yousef says:

    INM self tan wanakhook πŸ˜›

  6. Mishary says:

    Yousef ella wesakhaaaaaaaaa zaydaa !

  7. Nameless says:

    OO deer balik la tsawee shay yshayish’hum. Ana yom kint ib ma9ir I was on a trip and part of it included riding a camel. When I got on the camel 7asait chinna shaayish. Mit min il 5ar3a! Giltlihum 5al inzaloona al7een! He was standing up at the time.

    Anyway, ba3dain sima3t inna kan fee shilla ma3a min rab3a oo ra7aw ma3a tourists thanyeen oo uhwa 7a6o ma3a shilla thania. Ya3ni uhwa mwa5reena 3an rab3a oo min chithee shayish. 3ad madri sujj il 7achee wila i5wara. Either way, don’t anger a camel whose with his buddies. Not a good idea!

  8. Mishary says:

    Nameless etsadeg kaan ekheez !!! ekhare3 walah !

  9. Nameless says:

    etsadgeen etsadgeen moo itsaddig! ma sarat, inta oo refeejik kila t7achooni chini rayyal tara 3aib chithee i’m a lady!

  10. Mishary says:

    Nameless Opps sorry .. alah ehadaaach katba Nameless ! mako haweyaa πŸ™‚ Sorry again πŸ™‚

  11. Nameless says:

    Hatha Alla ysalmik 3ashan aseer mysterious (3eshtawww) moo 3ashan a9eeer wa7id min il rabi3! πŸ˜› Tara ath7ak ma3ak ma tinlam shdarrak

  12. Mishary says:

    NamelessAny way Welcome to our blog πŸ™‚

  13. Nameless says:

    mersooo awi awi rabina ma yi7rimneesh min iblogikum abadan wi3ammari witamimoo wyib2aa 3al il 3al dayman!

    *dont know where that came from, dont ask*