How often have you started arguing with a friend over the correct pronunciation of a word? You know, the kind of word that you read all the time, but suddenly realize you’ve never heard spoken out loud. Well, before you beat your friend to a bloody pulp, you might want to check out howjsay, an online pronunciation dictionary. “Sij ana a7taaaj hathaa el shay !”

Thanks to Ahmad.

PS. If ur using Mac OS no need to go to the site above because this feature is built in with the OSX.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at 2:48 am

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  1. Outkasty says:

    3ajeeeb! I’ve always wondered, what is the correct pronunciation for “Ashaaz” restaurant? =/

  2. Nameless says:

    You know we sort of need that for il7achee likwaiti. Is it inchoof or inshoof? Yait or yeet? Bunk or bung? Oh and please SOMEONE stop people from saying zibala instead of izbala!!

  3. Mishary says:

    Nameless Sajaaaaa !!! sij yabelnaaa 7ag el kalam el q8yty !

    Outkasty Welcome 2 our blog 🙂

  4. Hamad says:

    guys.. we represent less than 20% of the population.. soon you all gonna say “ana yait” and et6alboon eb esqa6 el qorooth

  5. Nameless says:

    La7tha 9abur… “yait” is definitely wrong? I say “yeet” not “yait” bass atwaga3 “yait” is OK or at least qaaabila lilniqaaash (unlike ZIbala or IMshari for example) 😛

  6. Mishary says:

    Nameless kel shay ehooon wala enaa esmey yenketeb Imshari !!!! walah le 3atheeem mara wa7ed yay kateb esmey bel 3arabi EMSHARY !!!!

  7. pumkinah says:

    ana some times a7md rabe el msn ma feeh voice wela ya kether badleyaaateeeeeeee 😛 fa ana agool ester 3la ma wayaht 😛

  8. Mishary says:

    pumkinah sheftay el tech. sa3aaad etfashelnaaa !

  9. INTER DE MILANO says:

    wallaa khoosh shaay 😀 ana ansaa7 okhooy Loco ib hal mawqeee3 cause i3ani shway min mashakil bil english pronunciation :Pp ow hatha al 7al il amthaal laah 😉

  10. Mishary says:

    INTER DE MILANO walah loco bedesh el yanaaaaaaaa menkoooooooom !!!! 🙂

  11. INTER DE MILANO says:

    Mishary hehehehehe 3asaa inshalaaa 😀 netmanalaah kil khaair inshalaa :))))