There is a rumor that Virgin Megastore is going to open two more branches in Kuwait, one in the Avenues Mall and one in the new (under construction) 360 Mall.

it is said that the Avenues branch is going to be the largest Virgin store in the middle east! and the 360’s is going to be the second largest. As of now nothing is confirmed, its still just a rumor at this point.


This entry was posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 7:23 pm

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  1. Nameless says:

    That’s weird. I got the impression that their Marina branch wasn’t successful. I got that impression because they made it a LOT smaller. At any rate we need a GOOD electronics place and a GOOD books place in Avenues or in any mall that opens. I feel that those two things are MUSTS in a huge mall.

  2. knafa says:

    bigger or not, they must ditch the stupid censorship to be successful.

  3. Ahmad says:

    It’s very hard to imagine virgin retaining their current store, let alone opening two *new* ones. They had trouble stocking new DVDs which, IMO, was their biggest advantage because no one in the market was providing them.

    When they stopped getting new DVDs, I stopped going there.

    Why bother?!?!

  4. Yousef says:

    Nameless I got that impression too.. and its true we need a good book store in a real mall in Kuwait.

    knafa i don’t think thats an option. the MOI is the one responsible for that kind of takhalof. and i don’t see their policies changing anytime soon 😀

    Ahmad My friend was in Virgin the other day and he was arguing with one of the workers there about how bad Virgin’s been doing lately, the worker then replied with “if we’re doing so bad how come we’re opening 2 new stores in the avenues and 360 malls, not to mention that they’re gonna be the 1st and 2nd biggest stores in the middle east”.

    Hopefully its not just a rumor 🙂

  5. loco says:

    ee yefte7oo akbar wa7ed bel ME wa ba3deen e9a’3roona LIKE MARINA!

  6. worldquilter says:

    I’ve always thought it was funny that you can buy a larger variety of books at Saudi owned Jarir than the Virgin store at the Marina Mall. I can’t imagine them opening two more . . .

  7. Yousef says:

    loco latfawel 3ad! inshallah halmarra ‘3air!

    worldquilter maybe because virgin is in a mall therefore in the spot light and under heavier observation than any other book store in kuwait..