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A month ago me & my wife decided to give my brothers in law children’s “an unconventional gift” for their birthday “its actually a birthday of one of them, but  we made a deal that every birthday all of the children get a gift so that no one will get upset :)

So my wife came up with the idea of personalized chairs, we placed an order with  www.damhorsttoys.com and after 7-10 days they sent me an email telling me that my order is sent and they gave me my tracking no.

When we received the chairs we didn’t expect this HIGH QUALITY finishing !


They were PERFECT ! really really we didn’t expect it to become like this !


Even their names where engraved like a puzzle so that they can match it.


These are the final look for the gifts “each kid with his favorite color”.

P.S.: if your welling to place an order think of Shop&Ship or UshopWeship coz the shipping will be so high :)


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  1. Hamad says:

    wayed 7elwa elhadiya! this chairs gonna last for life.. good one


  2. Mishary says:

    Hamad thanx .. inshalla they gonna last :)


  3. Nameless says:

    You and your wife are the COOLEST aunt and uncle! Mashalla Alla y5aleekum lihum 9ijj 9IJJ 5osh hadaya! :)


  4. Mishary says:

    Nameless Thanks alot :)


  5. Jeylan says:

    nice gift idea would you please tell us how to get your products in Europe.


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