Steve Job’s keynote revolved around 4 announcements:

1-New Airport base with 500GB or 1TB harddisk. now you can sync your time machinr wirelessly.
2-New Iphone and Ipod touch softwares. should be a nice boost to iphone owners.
3-Added Movie Rental feature to the iTunes store.
4-Introduced a new line of laptops, called Macbook Air. the Tiniest laptop in the world. the price ranges from $1799-$3098. a bit expensive.

here are some more pictures..



Link: Apple


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2 Responses to “Macworld 2008, Recap”

  1. I tend to like gadgets more the smaller they get… But this I’m not sure.
    Not sure I like the blade type form it has and I don’t like the price but there is clearly a lot of R&D gone into this.

    I imagine it will be used more as a declaration of wealth than a computer, at least for a while.

  2. Yousef says:

    Richard Cutts I’m in love with the design and the whole apple feel of the laptop.. but i totally agree with “it will be used more as a declaration of wealth than a computer”.