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Walla whats next? A dog shaped bag? akooo a7ad yaby chethy ? REALLY ?

If if …. if want to order it gonna cost you around KD 35, its available in three colors Brow, Black and Red.

Order it HERE.




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igoloon laiw9alat libyoot mala7… GAMAT isa3aa!

Mugs with writable surfaces, you can now write and play with your mug while enjoying your favorite drink. yes thats right.. the mugs comes ready with 2 pieces of chalk for a quick start! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tic Tac Toe ( X O )
Sudoku ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is the Site if you’re interested.

PS. Mishary & INM, you remember the place where we bought the mugs (blue and orange mugs) that 2001 summer? its the same place! ๐Ÿ˜€


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Whats an easy and lazy way to hang ur clothes in ur room ! 3ala golaat my wife simply it will collect the dathraa 7ag el daar we7na mo nagseeen !! ๐Ÿ™‚ o BTW their is a secound use of it etha gatheek a7ad o metnarfez mena just push him to the wall aaand waaaaalaa seda athnainkom elmaghfar ! ๐Ÿ™‚


For more info click HERE

My thanks goes to Ahmad.


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What a nice idea ! i love it walla .. what about an OSX dock in ur mac and even in ur living room and u can arrange them to match ur Mac dock! ๐Ÿ˜› if you want to order them click HERE it gonna cost u around KD5.5 for each.


As usual my thanks goes to the blog supporter Ahmad.


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Yes, if you focus on his suit u could notice Kuwait flag at the left lower corner .. ya7lailhoom thakrenaa wallah ba3ad ๐Ÿ˜›





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I was surfing the net and i went to MSN Games and i was wondering Does MSN Games have UNO card game? the answer YES! and even you can play it online with real people 8)

Direct LINK to the game.


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Today we went to Al-Fanar Complex and before we enter it we saw this confusing salon banner.


As you can see above it says in English “Opening Soon” and in Arabic “Tam el efteta7”.. How Come ?!!


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We’ve just got an sms says that mama anesa has died! any one can confirm it?



The other day i was in our local co-op (jam3iya) and there was a big billboard in there thanking the area’s people and contributers. as I was reading, i noticed that there was a new area name in there… “mbarak al abdullah al jaber” (A.K.A. ‘3arb Mishref).. i stood there reading the billboard.. but i couldn’t really finish it! i stopped and asked mom about that new name and what it supposed to stand for? and why?? why would anyone name a nice man6aqa with that name?

the first thing i wanted to know was “what did this, i’m sure honorable, guy did to deserve such honor?” mom thought for a moment and then said “well, he did nothing aside from that he once lived in a nice house in the area.”

Mom and me continued discussing this subject, and she came to the conclusion that “some names are being used for the sole reason of them being from the royal family and that they’re dead now”. thats the only reason.. they’ve died and by being dead they were entitled for an area named after them…

We talked about another issue as well.. it is very difficult for the non-Kuwaitis (like expats), I’m sure they’ll find it very difficult to pronounce the areas names, let alone knowing the difference between them! its very confusing to them.. i mean think about it (jaber al ali, ahmad alfahad, abdullah almbarak, mbarak alkabeer… and so on).. can you see how its confusing? the whole thing is reaching a point where its failing to serve the only purpose it was intended to serve!

Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m all for being patriotic and rewarding the people who made a difference in this country. but I wish we’d cut back on this type of area naming.. we don’t need so many names from one family, be it the royal family or any other family! we need to to be true to ourselves more often, and we need to keep the names of those who helped shape todays kuwait alive… and not by naming the areas after people where their only contribution to kuwait is there death.

I really want to go into the road and highways’ names (shari3 ilmalik fahad, shari3 ilmalik 3abdelaziz, shari3 ilmalik faisal, they’re shari3 ilma’3rib, shari3 f7ai7eel and shari3 ireyath respectively). but i think what i wrote up to now is enough for now.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a list of Kuwait’s areas with royal family members’ names. and you judge for yourself who’s worthy of such honor and who’s not: (I kinda like some of the names but DEFINITELY not all of em):

-Ali sabah alsalim
-Fahad Alahmad
-Sa3ad albdullah
-Jabir alahmad
-Sabah alahmad
-Sabah alsalim
-Abdullah asalim
-Mbarrak al abdallah al jaber
-Mbarak alkabeer
-Sabah alnasir
-Jaber al ali

You can check this Thread to find the meanings behind some of the names.

The picture was taken from Cajie.


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I’ve tried many shampoos but this one is really amazing and one of the best what i’ve tried !It called Cedre Sehat Shampoo its a herbal shampoo containing extract of Cedr, extract of Myrtle and Glycerine.


This is what i’ve tried .. You can find it in Souq Almubarkiya or in any 7awaay adry betgolooon waaaaaaaaaaih akoo 100 wa7ed a7san menaa bas walla tara its very nice i’ve tried it for almost 1.5 year it gonna cost you around 500 fils.


You can see above that there are more than one flavors:

  Cedre Shampoo  
  Myrtle Shampoo  
  Chamomile Shampoo  
  Henna Shampoo  
  Olive Shampoo  
  Almond Shampoo  
  Shampoo For Dry Hair  
  Shampoo for Oily Hair  
  Anti Dandruff Shampoo  
  Baby Shampoo

For more info click HERE

Yousef Comment:

Caution: anyone with a semi ya3ad hair should NOT attempt or come within 100 meters of this shampoo P P P


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I use Zainโ€™s HSDPA Internet at my home. The service is added to my postpaid line for 13.5 KD a month. That is for unlimited bandwidth, itโ€™s a good deal, I connect via HSDPA card in my laptop as well. There is a problem with the quality of pictures when browsing. The pictures is pixelize and becomes little blurry and fragmented, and that really irritating me. It happened in all my computers. Any one who’s how can i solve i?

Picture taken from HERE

UPDATE:ย  i solve it by changing the user & pass to hspps and it works SMOOTHLYย  !




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Today KDD sent me sms stating that they offer a free delivery on their products when u order from them by phone. Simply ana agoool shalaaaa 7adkoom refa3taw el as3aaaar o eljam3eyaat e6redatkom now they do every thing u want just to buy from them with their new prices!


Caffeinated soap has been launched to help people who don’t have the time for both a shower and a coffee in the morning.


Manufacturers claim their Shower Shock soap releases caffeine that is absorbed into the user’s system and provides the same hit as a two cups of coffee.

Note: 7asafa Mishary sharait makeenat ilgahwa gabil latadry 3an halsabona ๐Ÿ˜›

Credit: here & here




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After Steve Jobโ€™s keynote, i immediately placed my order for a Time Capsule 500GB in Apple.com, since amazon.com haven’t listed it yet. The reason for placing my order so quickly is that i’ve been already on the look for a hard disk to store my pictures and data. so once i found this time capsule, and knew about the 2 other features (you can sync your time machine and your whole data wirelessly, costing me around KD88 + free shipping) I knew i had to get it!

The bad news is:

They’re going to ship it on 29th of Feb! and Deliver it to my box on 6th of March, PLUS 5 days shipping to Kuwait.. if every thing goes smoothly i’ll be expecting it on the 11th of March 8)



Steve Job’s keynote revolved around 4 announcements:

1-New Airport base with 500GB or 1TB harddisk. now you can sync your time machinr wirelessly.
2-New Iphone and Ipod touch softwares. should be a nice boost to iphone owners.
3-Added Movie Rental feature to the iTunes store.
4-Introduced a new line of laptops, called Macbook Air. the Tiniest laptop in the world. the price ranges from $1799-$3098. a bit expensive.

here are some more pictures..



Link: Apple


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macworld san francisco 2008 is 15 minutes away, I really hope there will be an update to their pro laptops line. most of the predictions are saying there won’t be any. I’m kinda curious as to what this year’s solgan “There is something in the air” means!? we’ll find out soon ๐Ÿ˜€

For LIVE coverage Click here or Here.




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I just finish Mario Galaxy with 80 Stars ! this is the best wii game ever i think ! if there is more than 5/5 i will give it.

I’m strongly recommend it.


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Salt and pepper shaker collectors will be interested in this innovative way to dispense those table staples, looking a whole lot like nuts and bolts. They’re actually constructed like a Slinky. Bend one of these bolts, and the gaps between its coils get wide enough to release your chosen seasoning. Good thing there’s an “S” and a “P” inscribed on top, or we’d be totally screwed. The stainless steel variety is KD15, or save some money on the black ones for around KD11.

Want to order it? Click HERE

My Thanks goes to Ahmad.




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Cinescape announces that starting from today or tomorrow the ticket price increased from KD2.5 to KD3.

Every thing in this country is increasing ๐Ÿ™‚