Mishary was never a coffee fan, and I thought he won’t ever be, but i guess i was wrong.. Just the other day Mishary went (along with his wife, his brother and Me) and bought his first coffee machine. He bought a bigger machine than mine, it looks good and has some additional features. it also has a place to put the little coffee cups (or shots? what do they call them? liglasat liz’3ar malot ilgahwa!) and the machine keeps them warm too!

Here is a picture of the Machine


We went to the only branch in Kuwait, its located in SunCity in Shuwaikh (or 9un 9ity as some Kuwaitis like to pronounce it).. the branch is tiny but has a large variety of Machines and many accessories to go with them.





I was tempted to buy me some of the accessories like the capsules container (shown below)


The Nespresso employee was friendly and explained all about the machines and how to use them. He offered us some coffee samples and some chocolate afterwards (me and INM were very happy with the chocolates πŸ˜‰ )


Mishary also wanted to buy the Aeroccino (coz the machine doesn’t have it built-in… IMO it is better to use a separate froth-maker than the ones built in, coz not only they do a better job, they’re easier to clean as well). but the froth maker was out of stock, so the guy offered to deliver it once they have it back in stock (great service)


tkasroonha bil3afya πŸ˜›

Nespresso‘s Official Site




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evian.jpg evian2.jpg
Yesterday my father in law found this Christian Lacroix Limited Edition from Evian in City Center they were selling it for KD 1.950 which is equivalent of 2 packs of water “each pack will contain around 12 bottles” In the bright side the bottle finishing was amazing so we kept it in our kitchen because my wife LOVES Christian Lacroix πŸ™‚ .




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Its a YouTube based site, its the part that specializes in cooking, you can search your desired dish and all u have to do is click enter, and learn how to cook it.. Thats it!

LINK to the site.




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The Roly-Poly Pot is a very clever idea that allow us to know when our plants need water. With this pot you can know exactly when plants are thirsty. Using water a a counterweight, the pot slowly tips over when water levels are low, as you can see in the pictures above. . The cool thing is each pot can be adjusted to work with any plant’s watering needs. The bad new is that the Roly-Poly Pot is just a concept for now, but let’s hope that soon we will see inteligent pots like this in our homes.

My Thanks goes to Ahmad.


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I heard From INM today that KDD products got banned from all over the “Jam3eyaat” because of the increase of their prices and more over today i saw also alot of advertisements reffering that KDD products are available in Sultan Center, LuLu Market and City Center.

Walla 7araam wayed 3ad a7eb their 7aleeb kakaw ! πŸ™


Spaghetti with chicken and mushroom/cream sauce!

The Ingredients:


-Chicken Breast.
-Your favorite type of Pasta.
-Habanero pepper.
-Mashed Garlic.
-Olive Oil.
-Whipping cream.
– 2 tsp parmesan cheese.

Important note: the portions of the ingredients are not specified coz it differs everytime i cook.. i came to understand that it all depends on how hungry i am πŸ˜€

Ok, now, first of all you boil your pasta and set it aside. then take out the biggest frying pan and start by using some olive oil (and butter, if you’re not worried about your cholesterol level), add the sliced chicken, stir until it becomes white.. add the mushroom and garlic, stir for another 5 minutes, add the habanero pepper (be sure to slice it and remove all the seeds, its extremely hot, so one piece is more than enough). pour in the whipping cream, season it with salt and white pepper, let it simmer for 5 minutes, add the parmesan cheese and then finally add your pasta.. oh and don’t forget to add the spinach leaves at the end.

it should look something like this

if you know the basics about cooking you wouldn’t face any problems, but if you’re beginner, then …. well… there is always hardee’s! πŸ˜€




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There’s not much to say about the Motionbulb that can’t be extrapolated from the above image and the product’s name: it’s a CFL bulb with a built-in motion detector … detecting motion from up to 25 feet. Walk into a room, light goes on; leave the room, light goes off. They say the $20 bulb will last five years, which means it should still be around till 2012.

Akooo a7la men chethy ba3aaad ? πŸ˜›

Want to order it ? it gonna cost you around KD5.5 “wallah ana a7es teswa bas eshloon law aby anaam wakhaleey elait emba6aal ? πŸ˜› ”

Click HERE to buy it. Also if u wish to see a video about how to work its also available there.




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if you found “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” in your Installer.app dont install it coz it will crash your unlocked iphone.





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Few days ago my wife received her Nokia N810 from Amazon.com if you dont know whats Nokia 810 here are the specs.


  • Internal memory: 2 GB
  • Memory expansion: SD memory cards up to 2 GB, MiniSD and MicroSD cards (used with extender), and SDHC cards up to 8 GB
  • Battery life: Up to 4 hours of continuous usage with wireless LAN on; up to 10 hours of music playback (Wi-Fi turned off)
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth: Version 2.0 + EDR (profiles supported: HID, FTP, DUN, GAP, SPP, HSP, SAP and OPP)
  • Video formats: 3GP, AVI, WMV, MP4, H263, H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (RealVideo)
  • Audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR, AWB, M4A, MP2, RA (RealAudio), WAV
  • Playlist formats: M3U, PLS, ASX, WAX, WVX, WPL
  • Keyboard language support: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish-Portuguese, Scandinavian and Russian
  • Dimensions: 2.83 x 5.04 x 0.55 inches (LxWxD)
  • Weight: 7.97 ounces



What’s in the Box
Nokia N810, rechargeable battery (BP-4L), travel charger (AC-4), stereo headset (HS-48), car holder (CR-89), connectivity cable (CA-101), pouch, QuickStart guide.


What i like:

– Solid construction.

– Stable OS. ” no freezing or crashing so far so good”.

– Compact & Stylish design .

– Long battery life.

What i dont like:

– Branded By Nokia ” i really hate nokia !”.

– doesnt support arabic ” but after a little of hacking now it can only reads “.

it gonna cost you around KD120 and you can order it HERE


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It was one interesting ride from Dubai to Kuwait! it took us 11.5 hours to enter the Kuwaiti borders. my friend INM and me got up yesterday at around 5:50am, we both took quick showers and headed out. we were on the highway on our way to abu dhabi by 7:15.

we reached UAE-Saudi borders by 11 o’clock. the guys at the border were very nice and friendly, we passed with no problems whatsoever.. we were very happy and relieved, and then the saudi border appeared…. I hate them! the way they talk, the way they look at you and the way they went through our bags. we were told to get the bags out and lay them on the bench. he looked in the car, opened every drawer and looked under everything, then took a look inside each one of our bags and then said something..

INM: here is the passport, you go, i’ll wait in the car.
Me: where? what did he say?
INM: he said he wants you to take a look at your laptop.
Me: Reallly? when? I didn’t hear him say that?
INM: no he did, he wants to take a look at your laptop.

I went there with my laptop and entered his office. 2 guys were in there, one sitting at a computer checking the passports and stuff and the other guy is sleeping. I said my Salam’s but nobody responded, so I said SALAM ALAIKOM! i woke up the sleeping beauty.. he took one look at me and left the room.. another guy came and started asking me questions:

Officer: open up the laptop & go to search….. (he was gazing at my screen like he’s never seen one before in his life)
Me: ok…
(1 minute went by and he’s just gazing with no expression on his face)
Me: you know this isn’t windows *pointing to the screen*.. this is Macintosh..
Officer: yes yes i know.. this is not windows.. this is VISTA! i know..
Me: no this is something else.. not windows… not Vista…..
Officer:……………….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Officer: ok now tell me, what do you have in there?
Me: music, movies, some college projects…
Officer: no no lets be honest here, just tell me whats in there..
Me: as I said, i have music, lots of music files and some college related…
Officer: i want you to be honest
Me: I am being honest.. you won’t find what you’re looking for in my laptop
(he gave an awkward smile)
Officer: yakhoy latwakhethna a7na ma6loob minnnah ina infatesh.. bla bla bla
Me: no its ok, you’re doing your job.
Officer: you know what, just stay here for a while and then leave, lets pretend that I went through your laptop, but just don’t tell anybody.
Me: ok, sure, i won’t….. (we’ll see about that πŸ˜› )

We entered Saudi Arabia and INM took over the wheel. we were expecting to get bored and exhausted but that didn’t happen (we slept like dead people when we got home πŸ˜€ ) but when were on the highway we were mostly happy.


INM didn’t want to eat anywhere (he is a bit picky… just a tiny bit), and i wanted to experience the cheap food.. you know the kind of food you eat when you’re with traveling with your friends.. the grilled chicken and saltless rice? those kind of nice cheap food? I wasn’t about to give up this part of the adventure! so we stopped at one of the restaurant that had “stomach ache” plastered all over it… 15 minutes later we were back on the highway and this time i’m back on the wheel.

2 hours later we were here πŸ™‚


30 minutes later we were here πŸ˜€


we reached kuwait just as the sun disappeared.. it was a very nice trip. thanks INM πŸ™‚


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YES walla it costs money ! Today i was checking my mobile bill on the net and i was wondering why is my minimum monthly bill is over KD50 ! NOTICE: i do not have any GPRS or calling package and even im not sending alot of sms.

So i figure it out and say lets check the international calling and here what i’ve got:




This is ONLY for 2007 .. So each year cost me around KD100 ONLY for calling YOUSEF BASHA !! and moreover you can add the calls that when he arrives to Kuwait plus the sms’s.

Simply Yousef ? πŸ˜›




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Today i’ve checked Apple store to see if there is any update in the specs or so and found that its down ! At CES? A week before Jobs’ keynote? gharebaa !

You can check it HERE


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Its was in 14 March 1981 Alwatan news paper πŸ™‚

Click the picture to see the normal size of it.


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Even you can bring with you 2 or 3 bottles if your exam is in June or July here in Kuwait πŸ˜›




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A month ago me & my wife decided to give my brothers in law children’s “an unconventional gift” for their birthday “its actually a birthday of one of them, butΒ  we made a deal that every birthday all of the children get a gift so that no one will get upset πŸ™‚

So my wife came up with the idea of personalized chairs, we placed an order withΒ  www.damhorsttoys.com and after 7-10 days they sent me an email telling me that my order is sent and they gave me my tracking no.

When we received the chairs we didn’t expect this HIGH QUALITY finishing !


They were PERFECT ! really really we didn’t expect it to become like this !


Even their names where engraved like a puzzle so that they can match it.


These are the final look for the gifts “each kid with his favorite color”. If you need more birthday gifts then check out My Kid Needs That.

P.S.: if your welling to place an order think of Shop&Ship or UshopWeship coz the shipping will be so high πŸ™‚




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Without any introduction check this out …


As you know this is the bag that you’ve got when u went to any public doctor here in Kuwait to put your medicine in it “This is side one of the bag” As you can see above nothing weired and every thing is normal.

Aaaand the weird thing begins BELOW !!


el kha6aba om sale7 is advertising in the medicine bag !! thagaaaaat 3alaich el amaken malegaitay ela cheees el adweyaaa !!!! men lah khelg ekha6eb wohwa mareeeth raye7 el 6abeeeb !!!




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Today when i was surfing the net i came across this tray which can be wear like a belt !



i know it looks like weird when ur thinking “eshloon bekoon shakleey law lebast’haaa ??” but i think its useful !




You can see it above its really like a belt .. again i think its usefull wala.




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They r not a real chocolate πŸ˜› You can order them HEREΒ  it going to cost you around KD3.5 for a set of 4 which is reasonable.

My thanks goes as usual for Ahmad.


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Today is Yousef’s Birthday ! Yes yousef’s birthday is 1/1 ! He’s a lucky guy ! .. πŸ˜› So happy BIRRRDAAAAAAAAAAY Yousef πŸ™‚




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Although the question “how do you take your coffee?” seems simple enough, for the caffeine-connaisseur, a non-descript “two creams, one sugar” does not always acheive the desired results. My Cuppa helps you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options include everything from a straightforward “milky” to an extra-strong “builder’s brew”.

There are 2 version of it MyCuppa Tea & MyCuppa Coffee, it gonna cost you around KD 6.750 if you wish to order it click HERE im thinking instead of buying this cup zeed efloseek eshwayaa eshwaya o ashtereey same as Yousef’s machine coz i taste the coffee at 9K2HN house and it was SO GOOD !