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Cedre Sehat Shampoo

Posted By Mishary.


I’ve tried many shampoos but this one is really amazing and one of the best what i’ve tried !It called Cedre Sehat Shampoo its a herbal shampoo containing extract of Cedr, extract of Myrtle and Glycerine.


This is what i’ve tried .. You can find it in Souq Almubarkiya or in any 7awaay adry betgolooon waaaaaaaaaaih akoo 100 wa7ed a7san menaa bas walla tara its very nice i’ve tried it for almost 1.5 year it gonna cost you around 500 fils.


You can see above that there are more than one flavors:

  Cedre Shampoo  
  Myrtle Shampoo  
  Chamomile Shampoo  
  Henna Shampoo  
  Olive Shampoo  
  Almond Shampoo  
  Shampoo For Dry Hair  
  Shampoo for Oily Hair  
  Anti Dandruff Shampoo  
  Baby Shampoo

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Yousef Comment:

Caution: anyone with a semi ya3ad hair should NOT attempt or come within 100 meters of this shampoo P P P