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A week ago i upgraded my subscription to 7.2 Mbps and ive noticed that my download rate doesnt exceed 50kb/s with my Merlin XU870, turned out that my card just support up to 3.6Mbps. So i went to Zain branch yesterday and bought the Zain router.


Whats in the box:

– Zain Router.

– Charger.

– Ethernet cable.

– USB cable.

– Manual.


You can see it above its pretty small.


Now it gives me around 130 kb/s when downloading, i know its still not that fast for “7.2 mbps” bs emkafeny esara7aaa 🙂

And for the price it cost me KD100.


This entry was posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2008 at 5:21 pm

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  1. blasha says:

    same speed with eGo thingie, sometimes it went over 300 kbps as for downloading.

    congratulations on both the router n the upgrading.

  2. Mishary says:

    blasha thanks .. do u know whats the outgoing server for Zain ? for example wataniya uses send.wataniya.com

  3. blasha says:

    naw… sowwie 🙁
    i usta work for zain, but that was ages ago n when still was it called MTC 😛

    i’ll ask around 4 ya dear.

  4. Mishary says:

    blasha Thanks alot .. waiting ur reply 😛

  5. blasha says:

    i contacted an engineer there and he told me its the same as qualitynet’s

    and dude, have less posts on one page, its crashing my n810 🙁

  6. Mishary says:

    blasha Opps inshalla i will .. and BTW ive tried qualitynet server “smtp.qualitynet.net” but it refuse to send. any way thanks.

  7. blasha says:

    u r welcome…. madri wallah, hatha eli what he told me, sorry

  8. blasha says:

    what ya need it for anyways???

    n howz the router? does it need a software to work on mac? can u lock it with a password???

  9. Mishary says:

    blasha i need it to send my emails with “Mail” apps. and regarding the router its works like a charm! and u dont need any software just connect to the network and khalas ur connected! 😛 and yes u can set a password fort it.

    P.S. u need a windows based laptop just to configure it for the first time only.

  10. blasha says:

    I have a mac account, a gmail account, a hotmail account, a yahoo account and my own account and they all are connected to my “Mail” and not once I needed my ISP outgoing server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    regarding the P.S,,,, willi tloo3 chabda min ychof el windows, shesawi??? and even dun have any windows in touch!!!!

  11. Mishary says:

    blasha “my own account” ?? ya3ni farathan XXX@somecontrast.com chethy gasdech ? o walah kalamech 3aaaaaain el sa7 bas shensawey takhalooof 😛

  12. blasha says:

    ee, hatha qa9di

  13. Mishary says:

    blasha ur using Zain also ?

  14. blasha says:

    used to 🙂 and still got it

  15. Chris says:

    Can anyone tell me the outgoing server for Zain. I have a Zain account but am unable to get the customer service of zain to understand that I have multi e-mail addresses and need to set up my outlook to send through there outgoing mail server. This is not rocket science and it is driving me mad.

  16. Mishary says:

    Chris PLZ let me know whenever you know! coz im dieing for it!

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  18. Reshidi-man says:

    How is the port forwarding in Zain router … i am using the old Wataniya router with Zain connection and i am suffering just to make the linux SSH work through it 🙁

  19. Andrew says:

    I phoned Zain about this and was speaking to a guy who, coincidentally, also uses his own domain name for his personal email. He told me that Zain don’t provide an outgoing SMTP server. So I just signed up for smtp2go.com (US$1.99/month) and it’s working well.

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  21. ma7mood says:

    Hi does this zain router need a land line or does it use the same service as the zain ego

  22. Mishary says:

    ma7mood the same as ego

  23. ma7mood says:

    TY Mishary bashtery wa7ed inshala

  24. ahmad says:

    hey man i need help i just bought zain router and i cant access the web to setup my wireless. i want to get my laptop connected to my router. im using the router with my desktop computer throu USB.
    they told me to go to this website but i cant access it

  25. Sagar says:

    Can any one help me out about ZAIN Internet Router…….i want to know what is the cost of the Router.

  26. Tom says:

    Reading the posts above, I see that Zain is using Qualitynet internet service. Is that true? I am a current Qualitynet subscriber, and quite frankly I’ve never been more dissatisfied with anything I’ve bought in my life. They provide terrible serivce, and they’re customer service reps are incompitent. I was thinking about switching to Zain, but if they’re service is provided through qualitynet, I might have to think twice about that. Can anybody tell me more about this?


  27. Yousef says:

    Sager wallah I think 100kd. not sure though.

    Tom I don’t know much about the router, but i’m using the Ego and I really like using it. its fast and the service is always up, till now, aside from the poor coverage in Alzoor, i haven’t encountered any real problem.

  28. Randy Ran says:

    The zain internet router service sucks, it is nowhere near the advertised speeds on a normal day. Upon spending 100kd on the router I got home and was unable to get a signal lock. After spending a whole day between sharq and hawally the firmware needed to be updated. I had to spend 3kd more to have this done, and the router was only 1 day old. Zain is very sketchy in that they are selling routers that have outdated firmware, and won’t connect on the data portion. For 29kd a month plus the outrageous price of the router, internet service in kuwait sucks. Inshalla may work for some, but when you have already paid someone money, that doesn’t cut it. I can’t wait until the oil runs out!

  29. warlock says:

    sometimes zain internet router works fine but there are times i cant connect to internet it says connected to zain internet router but i cant browse the internet i have 2 restart like 4 times to make the connection successful what shall i do with this? and i also want to change my SSID and password but i dunno wer to go i only change the log in password for zain internet router administration….
    can somebody teach me. thanks!

  30. Kamal Omar says:

    I have the zain e go and i think its excellent… but i say that the wireless router is better and faster here in jordan…. A lot of people have it and say that it is faster than the zain e go… so i wanna get the zain wireless router….

  31. Shoosh says:

    hello. can someone please help me? i have been using the Zain Internet Router for quite a while and it has been going great until two days ago, i tried connecting using my laptop and it would not connect. i tried to “repair” it but it still didn’t help. and now i am using my mac computer and im OBVIOUSLY connected using the same router. i think there is something wrong with my internet optinos settings? can someone PLEASE help it’s killing me. thank you!

  32. Abu Hammadi says:

    who knows what is the
    user name
    ans password for ZAIN router setup

  33. majier says:

    i have heard about zain router for long time but i want to buy it already iam customer of zain because at the moment iam using zain connects three moderm in number and they cost me so much therefore i need zain router which serve more than 10 computer at ago and at a reasonable monthly subcribtion

    reply me through the above mail

    Iam in south sudan Juba

  34. glip says:

    password is admin..
    please anyone could help me..
    how do i do port forwarding in zain router????

  35. zacha says:

    its too bad for this connection cuz its 1.17 so wishing you to increes for you coonnection insha allah

  36. e54he says:

    stop adrevtising for zain crappy router and internet service… and duuuude ur an idiot for paying 100kd for this shit, i’m in the US and i have 2MB connection for only 10$ a month, u guys getting killed in kuwait i feel sorry for you…

  37. badr says:

    lame i cant find a setting that allows me to port forward and the stupid NAT is at restricted so its crappy for gaming…

  38. brigid timmons says:

    looking for an smtp server and which port for use with irish account. Can connect and get mail but cansend mail Thanks and slan