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Just a reminder for my previous post Cinescape is now officially repricing their tickets, As u can see above starting from 07 Feb. o8 all the week will be KD3 except Monday it will be KD1.5 and the VIP will remain the same. “wedy ashooof yoom el athnaain eshkether za7ma bekooon !”


This entry was posted on Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 at 4:26 pm

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  1. Talal says:

    awal shy sheno al7ekma men raf3 alas3ar ?? al movies kelehom mga63een 3ala ‘3eer san3 .. thani shy shm3na in mondays the price is lower than other days .. ana agool allah ye’7ali amazon.com or bas6at al DVD 😛

  2. Mishary says:

    Talal Wallah saaaj shensaweey ba3ad kel men yerfa3 men soob

  3. Talal says:

    this is the begging of RAF3AT al AS3AR gabel alzeyada malt alma3ashat ” bee’9 al9a3o ” allah yaster o y3een aljamee3 ..

  4. pumkinah says:

    t3leeq omi 3l post lma glt laha was .. we3 mn zeen laflaam 3aad ya 6egni wa6egek wela ykhr3on lwadem y6l3oon yananwa mn el ba7ar loool i have no clue shno akhr filim omi ray7tla ! am sure it was thriller 😛