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Today Ahmad called Sarita in DHL to ask about their @ Home service, and here is the main idea:

  • They have the same price as Aramex for shipments.
  • Perfumes & cosmetics are allowed.
  • They allow shipments over 30KG.
  • They don’t have a restriction on the value of the shipment (Aramex have a $2500 limit, above that they require export papers).
  • Their default insurance is $100 unless you request additional insurance (I’m not sure about Aramex on this point).
  • Your mailbox will be in Illinois.
  • Here are some more infos I got from their Site:
  • Its a service for shipments from businesses to U.S. residential locations, including P.O. boxes.
  • The Standard delivery is within 2 – 4 business days, Deferred delivery within 2 – 7 business days.
  • Door-to-door visibility and tracking. (I’d appreciate it if I can Really track the package)
  • Things I still want to know more about are:
  • 1- Do we have more than the cash option to pay for our packages? (online or Knet maybe?)
    2- Do They check my mailbox daily or weekly?

    For more info click HERE.

    My thanks goes to Ahmad.


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    1. Mo says:

      How someone can signup for a mailbox? Aramex allow you to sign up for a shop&ship automatically from the web but then they would require you to email or fax in some document. but, I went to DHL site and I cannot find such an option!

    2. It is good that Perfumes & cosmetics are allowed I’ve already called Sarita yesterday and she will send their mandoob for opening a mailbox with them. I think I’m gonna say Good Bye to ARAMEX.

    3. Bo Jaij says:

      Good info thanks!

      Anything about the dimensions of the packages allowed?

      Aramex allows up to 1 meter long boxes I think

    4. Mo,

      call Sarita D’Souza @ DHL Express and ask her to send you their mandob to where ever you want.
      965- 2246502 (Direct)

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