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These Gun Egg-Fryers give you the ability to create gun-shaped fried eggs. I think it’s a good idea to add some action to your breakfasts! 😛

As usual thanks Ahmad.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 1:42 am

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  1. loco says:

    tara keela 5arabee6 walla! el egg a5er shay tee6la3 ma3awaqa! ana 3endy wa7da 3alla shakel qalb 7oob ! kel mara te6la3 shakeel ! 3OMERHA MA E6LA3AT NAFS EL QALB EL 7OOB :(


  2. 9al3a says:

    i always read ahmed, where the hell is ahmed??


  3. Mishary says:

    9al3a He’s one of our relatives PLUS he’s one of the ultimate blog supporter 😛


  4. Mishary says:

    loco Humm .. esara7a majarabt’haa bas gabel kent asawey baith e3yoon eb da’era etkoon chenha ring kanat te6la3 perfect circle !


  5. pumkinah says:

    this is good etha m39ba o mali khlg asawe reyooog asawee egg 3la gun 😛 ha3 ha3 ha3 😛


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