it was recommended by My dear friend INTER. he said their sandwiches would remind me of the late hungry bunny chain. and it kinda did!


i ordered 2 sandwiches and a fries. the super bunny sandwich (whopper look alike) and the roast beef sandwich. let me start by saying that i do not consider this restaurant a real restaurant, not a real fast food joint, nope, i think of it more like albatriq and sahran kinda of restaurants. mcdonald’s would be gourmet food next to these 😛 . anyway, their super bunny was nice, it was a cross over between the whopper and the big deluxe. i liked it and it did remind of of the real super bunny.


now the roast beef sandwich was reaal nice! i was surprised! they use real roast beef! i don’t know how to explain it.. i liked the quality of their roast beef (although a bit chewy) but nevertheless, it was good and the meat was kind of thick and full of flavor (the tomato and lettuce had to go though). my only criticism and the only thing that bothered me was the quality of their mayonnaise. it had an eggy taste.. yukh.

Overall its a nice little place for when you crave junk food yet u’re sick from the usual places. I personally would definitely go back for their roast beef. and when i’m a bit nostalgic, i’d go for their super bunny 😀 oh and i loved their buns! so fresh!

Its located in hawalli, facing the 4th ring road, just opposite the Royale Hayat hospital.


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17 Responses to “Hungry Bunny World”

  1. fashionated says:

    i can’t stop picturing the old hungry bunny commercials after reading this post

  2. Hamad says:

    i dont have that much memories of hungary bunny bas i think it was good BETTER than burger king now “kuwait’s” cuz its suck

    anyway yousef 3ashak smelled like hardee’s ams fa makan netheef ashkara lol

  3. I think as a Kid I had a birthday in Hungry Bunny… but its such a vague memory!!

  4. Talal says:

    wala shakla nice.. ma twaq3ta chthi ( men al9owar ) yalah al3awa’9 ola alg6ee3a 3endna Hungry Bunny bas she’3l china 😛 ..

    ely yabi real Hungry Bunny ya’7th jawaza o yatrs alsyara banzeen o yedza al’7afji 😛

  5. 9K2HN says:

    I used to like Hungry Bunny a Lot….. I may go there today to try the Roast Beef…..

    Alah yesam7ek ya yousef yawa3tny

  6. Yallah foga..leish la2!!

    Elleila for dinner

  7. Nameless says:

    Hungry Bunny Im So Hungry
    Hungry Bunny Im So Hungry
    Hungry Bunny Come and have a hungry bunny right now

    Crispy lettuce…

    Chicken too…

    Come on people let me hear you! HUNGRY BUNNY COME AND HAVE A HUNGRY BUNNY RIGHT NOW!

  8. Sh says:

    a7la shay ena ana now in the colleg which facing the 4th ring road (Hungry Bunny ) 🙂 & 7dy hungry SO shkla elyoom our lunch mn Hungry Bunny. (SO THANX 3LA your ARTICL ELY TYAWE3 )

  9. Yousef says:

    fashionated yeah there was a real charm in the old hungry bunny 🙂

    Hamad it smelled like junk food, which is exactly what i craved then 😛

    Hamitaf La BookaY oh i hate fastfood birthdays! *bad memories* 😛

    Talal I saw hungry bunny on my way back to kuwait, i didn’t like it lol it was burgerking imga33ad! 😛

    9K2HN hehehehe sowwy! 😀

    Kella Met2a5er LOL ta3jebny!

    Nameless lool you memorized their commercial! wow! lol laish mako commercials nafs’ha now!! gabil kanaw imbad3een wallah 😛

    Sh hehehehe yoba maykhalif 3alaikom bil3afya lazim break shway min hal college 😛

  10. disrox111 says:

    kint yahel awel ma chift il da3aya

  11. Naser says:

    Akelhom 3jeb, fy 3ndohom fer3 bsoq alsalmiya city center ba3ad

  12. Mostafa says:

    akelhom wayed 7elo wayed tasty, ra7 yeft7on new resturant in share3 el mo6a3em very soon sheft e3lana , ana kalet men hungry bunny ele eb Hawali kan wayed 7elo oo 7eta ele eb City Center foog walla raw3a oo 5a9atan ena 9a7ba kuwaity.. 3amar ya kuwait ;P

  13. majid says:

    machaelah hada sandwish hass ino ladid momkin akhed menno 😮

  14. abrar says:

    momkin te3zemni 3ala el hangry bunny?

  15. ahmed says:

    مرحبا أبرار ممكن تديني رقمك أنا عازمك

  16. rober says:

    vraimment c’est beaux de venire chez vous si quelqu’un peux m’indiquer ou je peux trouver ce truck? :p je prefer pas etres seul 😉


    Hai friends,I like super bunny it’s very nice i order it from 2008 my and all my best friends thats is realy very nice and i will be crazy if i don’t eat it.