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My mom loves Martha Stewart’s cooking, so INM went ahead and ordered some of Martha’s cookies for her. We received it a week ago, me and INM were expecting real cookies.. but only after we started opening the packaging we discovered that we made a mistake, and that we ordered the cookies’ DOUGHS and not real baked cookies! mahagainaa walah ena chethy ! 😛 we eneded up, me and my wife, baking them ourselves.


As you can see above it got three packs in it, Sugar, Chocolate and Cookie Mix.

Here are the cookies! the pack is enough to make around 36 pieces. it says after preparing the cookie dough “put the cookies in the oven for 15 mins” but they ended up spending around 10 minutes only.. we like our cookies soft 😀 a7eb a7es’hooom eshwaya 3ayeeeen !! and they r REALY tasteeeeeeeeeeeey!

if u want to order, a pack will cost u 3KDs. I think its very well priced.. KDD take a some notes 😛 Click HERE. to order.


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  1. fashionated says:

    Yum! i heart martha

  2. joy says:

    now this looks nice
    and i dont know how u expected u get fresh cookies from the states???

    any way we have some good cookies and in low fat and very soft in j`s bakery
    email me if u want the number


  3. INM says:

    6a3ma yeshbah Choowy Goowy

  4. intlxpatr says:

    I think it is totally adorable that you helped your wife make the cookies! My husband LOVES Martha Stewart Living, and reads the copy we get montly as soon as it arrives! She has some great recipes. I bet you loved the cookies!

  5. n says:

    looks really nice, but ordering cookies from the states i thought customs dont let them through ?? did u get any problems with them cuz if not i might get one