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Mom came to me again with another piece of paper. She surprises me with her knowledge of what’s going on in Kuwait and politics. aren’t Moms supposed to be with limited knowledge? lol or atleast know less about politics than their children! i hate it when I know less than Mom! me feeling not goods my deyar feryends.

Mom’s post:

“There is an old Kuwaiti Saying “ily filjidir i6al3a ilmillas.” the literal translation will sound ridiculous but here it is, “if there is food in a pot, a big spoon should take care of it” which means no matter how big complicated the issue is, it’ll come out eventually. Every issue boiling up in a certain society should see the light of the day. But someone should speak up, someone should recognize whats important. It seems that nobody is brave enough to speak up, and that our pot finally started to burn and the food in the pot is no longer savable nor safe for human consumption!

A lot of the problems Kuwait is facing nowadays has not been dealt with properly, and were left to stack up, to crowd our mind and hearts without any recognition, let alone solutions. We have plenty of slogans in our country “ilhoon abrak maykoon” and “turn the other cheek,” all slogans indicate incompetence. they encourage us to keep receiving slaps after slaps! until its no longer clear why we’re being stepped on and why we no longer matter.

To make this post light (and to keep my son out of trouble) I’ll give a light example. The Government finally thought of removing the illegal buildings, diwaniyas and other violations. Then, and all of a sudden, we hear that there are ministers and some members of both parliaments among the violators! and not only that, but they also were among those who insisted on not passing the bill against the violators until other “socially Big” (and rightfully so) people remove their violations first!

Now, what intrigued me in this whole issue and the question i can’t answer is, Why do these parliament and government ministers think they’re not among the socially big people? aren’t they voted by the people? aren’t they big enough? why do they still have issues when it comes to who’s big and who is not? is it a Nouveau riche syndrome? or are they really small but appear bloated because of the high chairs they’re occupying?

Lots of issues crowding my mind. violations, racism, segregation, nonexistent national security, people faking patriotism… etc. And they’re ALL yet to be seriously recognized and studied by the Government and the parliament to avoid all the crisis coming our way.

The pot is burning people! iljidir 7akkak wi7tarag! the pot is in a desperate need of immediate sterilization to keep the people from deadly poisonings!”

The picture’s source.


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Today i was talking to Ahmad and he mentioned a SUPER COOL information about Firefox Add-ons, this plug in turns all the prices in the site into any currency you want! No more calculators and NO more multiplying by 0.27xxx.


As you can see above it will be displayed next to the $ price between brackets. The script comes pre-configured with Amazon.com but you can add all your favorite sites Like Ebay.com, Target.com …ect.


For the MAC users, dont worry it will runs on our OSX 🙂

If your wishing to install it, first you need to install Greasemonkey Add-on, then you need to install Amazon Local Currency script. For those who worry about updating the currency exchange rates, Worry no more! The script will auto update your currency from Yahoo Finance

P.S. this software will give you the feeling that Amazon or ebay is a Kuwaiti site! 😛 😛

Thanks Ahmad for letting us know!



I was introduced to The Noodle House and the chinese food in general about 3 and half years ago. My friends and roommates were regulars in this restaurant for ages before i came along. I love this restaurant and rate every other chinese restaurant based on how the food tastes in comparison. I know its not a good way to rate other restaurants, coz simply, they don’t stand a chance.


The restaurant is owned by Jumeirah International (which is owned by Dubai’s government), This alone gives it an edge an make it so far ahead of all of the other restaurants in Dubai. With a reputation like Jumeriah’s you’re gonna know it’ll be in every special and unique place, with the best decor and interior designs along with the best service in town.

The food quality is, as you may already sensed, is the best i’ve tried so far. The presentation is simple and elegant. They don’t have as many dishes as Peacock in Kuwait, but thats an advantage in my opinion, coz peacock’s menu never cease to confuse me. They have so many dishes which makes me not know exactly what i would like to order. I mean look at their chicken dishes, they have tons! IMO, If a restaurant doesn’t have standout dishes, they’re gonna offer whatever they can to compensate (but thats only my opinion peacock’s fans 😛 )



Dishes I like in The Noodle House:

-Vegetable Spring rolls.
-Sesame prawns on toast.
-Prawn Bags

Main Dishes:
-Bakmi Goreng Noodles with shrimp & chicken (i always ask them to take out the shrimps)
-Chicken Sweet & Sour (unlike any other S&S dish i’ve tried)
-Thai Chicken with cashew nuts
-Roasted Duck (my favorite dish in this whole wide woyyd 😀 )
-Nonya Chicken Curry (they promised to bring it back to their menu soon)

They also have plenty of drinks and cocktails, but I never try them, I only order diet coke when I’m there. Yeah and its interesting to note that they offer both Pepsi’s products and Coke’s!

Easily 5 out of 5.


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Remember Mom’s First Post? Well, Yesterday, the 21st, Mom showed me an article posted in AlQabas’ newspaper by A Kuwaiti writer (won’t mention her name). The article was a bit too similar to Mom’s post. Actually, it looked as if the writer was reading our brains! Either that or she read our blog. 😛

Alqabas’ Article

Mom’s Article

“It was no easy duty to go and condole a woman on her loss, It wasn’t easy for other relatives to see a member of their family suffer and go through those horrible days. It was a simple gathering where everything revolved around the family and their grief. it was simple yet very heavy, intense and somber experience. Therefor not everybody was allowed to go, only the eldest of the family would go and represent the rest and do the necessary (wajib).”

Again Alqabas’ Article


“Even little girls are brought to the 3azas. With their hair on their shoulders, Their little plated jewelry and their dazed eyes. The grownups haven’t spared us either, they attend wearing their topnotch abayas, filled with swarovski crystals and what not. Abayas suitable for weddings rather than 3azas!Some even went as far as wearing makeup. The new type of makeup, the “Sad occasions” makeups.”

Coincidence? Or plagiarism? Either way, I’m glad she agrees with Mom. 😛


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What a nice idea! For those of you who REALLY have a problem getting up in time, the Carpet Alarm Clock, won’t stop blaring until you roll out of bed and step on it.



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Wanna see her in concert? then you should get ready for a big splurge. Got the following info from This site, which I was reffered to by Celine’s Official website

o Premium Seating in the Elite Seated Area
o Exclusive access to Elite Hospitality area with private toilet facilities
o Welcome drink on arrival
o Cash bar available (pre-show only)
o Selection of hot and cold canapés and an elaborate snack menu
o Onsite Security and secure parking (one vehicle per two packages)
o Official Event Souvenir Programme

Price per person Elite AED2998 / £425 / €638 ex Local Tax (10%)

This is the only package available at the moment. I think there will be other less expensive tickets available soon. There should be IMO. Anyway, The concert will be held in Dubai’s rugby club on the 5th of March.

For more info check Here & Here.


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Here’s a great idea for anyone who loves books and doesn’t have enough apartment space.

More info & pictures click HERE.

My thanks goes to INM


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Today my mother in law got this sms:

“Dear customer, send MMS to any local mobile for just 35 fils instead of regular 75 fils! So go ahead, send photos, pictures or video clips to your friends and relatives from your phone to your hearts content. This onetime offer is only till March 15th so go ahead and enjoy the Zain MMS experience.”

Any one got this sms also? Actually i didn’t got one.

Picture taken from Mark.




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From KUNA and Alwatan

The cabinet approved Thursday a monthly bonus of KD 120 for Kuwaitis employed in the public and private sectors, retirees and those receiving social assistance as of March 1, and KD 50 for expatriates working in the public sector, said Finance Minister Mustafa Al-Shimali.

Speaking to reporters following the extraordinary cabinet meeting, he said a monthly bonus of KD 120 will be paid as of March 1, 2008 for Kuwaitis employed in both the public and private sectors. He explained that retired citizens would also be receiving this bonus, as well as all those receiving social assistance from the state. Moreover, Al-Shimali said expatriates employed in the public sector would also be getting KD 50 on a monthly basis.

I liked how Mark put it, “I guess now we can all afford to drink KDD milk again.” 😛


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When i bought my Nespresso machine few weeks ago i was wondering whats the best milk that will give me the richest foam/froth when stirring it with the Aeroccino. i tried almost all the milk brands and came up with these results:


Nadec: This Milk gives the best results! Mashalah when i make my coffee with this one the froth reaches the top of the mug! Sij sij raghwaaaa mo 6abe3eyaaaa o what i like in this milk that it ALWAYS give lots and lots of froth.


KDCOW: This milk wins the second place, it gives high level of froth but, sadly, not always! esara7a madrey laish, some times its perfect and some times not. But I buy it whenever i can’t find Nadec in the Co-op.


KDD: Simply dont even think of buying it! it sucks when it comes to frothing. sometimes it makes me doubt my Aeroccino, I start thinking that there is something wrong with the machine! strongly not recommending it.



wallah 7achreen ha? 😛 3ad i was planning on bringing my skateboard!


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Today i was reading Frankom blog and found this weird advertisement some one want to sell “6589248” for KD1.000.000 because of what? he’s claiming that you can just say 9Kuwait or 6Kuwait So what? o ba3daain ?ekooon kashkhaaaa ya3ni!?



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I was looking around for hotel rooms in Dubai in the range of $300 a night. and it seemed as though I’ve asked for something out of the ordinary! Even when I called the travel agency the guy almost didn’t take me seriously. I checked expedia for hotels’ rates and got shocked! Rooms are going for $500 and $850 a night?! regular rooms not suites! This means If I stayed for the 5 days, I would’ve spent 2 Macbooks worth of money! 😛

I lived in this country for so long and asked for rates so many times for friends and relatives, but never really thought about the prices. Prices are very real when I’m the one on the spending end! lol

Anyway, finally the travel agency found me this nice new hotel. Copthorne Hotel, Located near Deira City Center, over looking Dubai’s Creek. the hotel is part of Millennium Hotels group.

This is My room (Booked a junior suite coz all the rooms were gone)


This is the sitting area (not allowed to sit in the bedroom.. gotta follow the rules)


The pool area


Overall, and up to now, For 80Kd per night, I think it was an excellent choice and (Father’s) money well spent. The staff are friendly and attentive. Spacious rooms. Big Plasma screens and free high-speed internet.

I give them 4/5. I would’ve given them a better rating if it wasn’t for the Hotel’s ugly exterior and lobby.


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Yesterday me & my wife decided to go to Al-Koot Mall, Actually we prefer it because we find it less crowded than the other Malls. After we finished shopping i got a phone call from Abdullah telling me to try MUGG & BEAN Restaurant. He said that this restaurant specialized in sizing! every thing is SUPER SIZED, even if ur ordering a Hot Chocolate or Cappuccino there is a free refill! So, Naturally, We hopped on the idea and decided to give it a try.


As you can see above there are few tables inside the restaurant (its a little bit tiny inside) so we decided to sit outside. We ordered the Chicken Ceaser Salad and for the main course mix grills, The Salad was HUGE! HUGE! and very rich in chicken and bacon and ceaser sauce. Actually, its just a mix of chicken and bacon! (sij estaghrabt laish emsamenhaaa sala6a aslaan!!) But it was delicious esara7a I liked it. We really liked the starters, but the main course not so much, nothing special at all.

Its located on Sultan Center’s side, the opposite side of Paul Cafe.

I give it 3.5/5


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I just got this by email from my friend Abdullah, The newspaper was Alwatan which was on 25.Jan.1983 it says that Madenat alsabeya will be completed on Sep.1987 “hatha kalam el awraaag” but the actual date is still UNKNOWN because my work is in north Kuwait and every day i’m passing this area and until now they didn’t finished any thing! even the streets they didn’t construct it yet! Its been 21 years from that statement and i can assure you guys it needs not less than 5-6 years to complete it.

Finally all what can i say is “Hathy el Kuwait o sal 3ala el neby hathy el Kuwait of feha ely naby” 🙂

My Thanks goes to Abdullah.


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Today morning when i get out from my home i notice something strange in the soil of my garden i was thinking its just a napkins but when i came close to it i notice its a mushrooms! The question now is it safe to eat it? or its poison?




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For all of the Kuwaiti and maybe Arab Girls out there, Mom got something to say about the way the Kuwaiti 3aza has changed and how the 3 days that follows, where women gather in the grieving family’s house to offer condolences, is no longer about offering support and consolation!

Mom wrote this next part:

“It was no easy duty to go and condole a woman on her loss, It wasn’t easy for other relatives to see a member of their family suffer and go through those horrible days. It was a simple gathering where everything revolved around the family and their grief. it was simple yet very heavy, intense and somber experience. Therefor not everybody was allowed to go, only the eldest of the family would go and represent the rest and do the necessary (wajib). The place where the guest would be seated was never big or specially set up for the sad occasion. It was a small hall where the guests would stay QUIET for awhile, Read some Quran, Offer their support and condolences and then leave to make room for other guests. The atmosphere used to be filled with silence, Sadness and above all Respect for the grieving women and her family.

Fast-Forward to present day’s 3azas. Things have changed a lot since people had feelings and consideration. Nowadays Everybody goes to 3azas (not for the right reasons). Even little girls are brought to the 3azas. With their hair on their shoulders, Their little plated jewelry and their dazed eyes. The grownups haven’t spared us either, they attend wearing their topnotch abayas, filled with swarovski crystals and what not. Abayas suitable for weddings rather than 3azas!

Some even went as far as wearing makeup. The new type of makeup, the “Sad occasions” makeups. And we find the supposedly grieving family now setting the place up so that it can seat as many people as possible, going out of their way (and sadness) to make the people comfortable and make sure they “enjoy” their say. We find them renting chairs and filling up the place with as many chairs as possible, turning the place into a little cinema, a little show, a shameless masquerade.

The once feared and respected occasion has become just another place for gatherings. For relatives to see each others and pass their hellos. I often hear the salams and the sowalif (chitchats) now. oh and the salams are not passed with soft-voices either! And the nerve on some of the women… I personally heard a woman say to her friend one time “I’m so happy I ran into you on this wonderful occasion!” –> “monasaba sa3eeda o imbaareka iny shiftkom!”

fa hal hatha min mazaya taqadomna?
am min masawe2 ta2akhurna?”

I tried my best to capture Mom’s words and this is the best i could do. she was much more eloquent though. 😛


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Today Me & my family decided to have our lunch at Sarai restaurant. It’s a combination of Syrian, Armenian and Turkish food. The word Sarai is from turkish origins and means The Castle (According the waiter).


I didn’t expect the restaurant to be this busy (Thank God i made the reservation yesterday!) The place was almost full, I would’ve taken more pictures of the restaurant if it wasn’t so crowded!


The appetizers were delicious esara7a, I loved and enjoyed them, Even though i was surprised to find out that they don’t serve some of the famous mazzat (appetizers) like fried chicken wings with garlic and and grilled Hallom cheese. The starters were the hightlights, but when you reach the maincourses stage, I’m sorry to say that there is nothing special about them.


Over all the restaurant’s atmosphere is suitable for families, Just make sure to reserve before going.

In my opinion it deserves 4/5 due to the place being small and their main courses being bland.

For reservation call 2242424 




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I’m thinking this will be nice gift for the coming birthday of my brothers in law children’s, Today i found this slippers which can be filled with water and whenever u walk it gonna splash water “esara7a fakart fehaa bas kheft ashterehaa a7asel zafa men ahalhom coz it will be a disaster for their families! 😛


For more info click HERE.


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Yesterday when i was reading the news papers, this advertisement shocked me, The advertisement Reads “when you scream the words I LOVE KRISPY KREME loudly they’re going to give u 6 more doughnuts for FREE!”

what a nice way to attract the Haylag in Marina Mall.