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I found this site interesting, Basically it figure how old is your domain and how many visitors visit ur domain with some more informations then it will tells u how much ur site will be if u consider selling it.

Here are some sites & blogs that i visit with their costs “if ur welling to buy it” ๐Ÿ™‚


Age: 10 Years, 4 Months, 16 days

Cost: $2,147,483,647



Age: 13 Years, 3 Months, 15 days

Cost: $1,760,912,000



Age: 6 Years, 10 Months, 21 days

Cost: $37,960



Age: 3 Years, 9 Months, 25 days

Cost: $8,970



Age: 3 Months, 18 days

Cost: $100

Wa3alayaaaa walah! our blog worth ONLY $100 “o hal ayam el dollar 6aye7” ya balash walla :P:P

If u want to value any site click HERE.


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An old advertisement of KFC .. NO COMMENTS JUST WATCH ๐Ÿ˜€



There are 2 kinds of heinz ketchup out there. one is manufactured in egypt and the other in the US. their taste is different. so heads up! you can tell by looking at their labels. if you see any arabic translation then its the cheap err.. i mean, its the one from egypt. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you already know about this and don’t think there is a difference in taste, well, then might as well cut ur costs.. coz there are always the award winning ketchups like this one here:



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Yes Apple is offering new capacity for both the iPhone & iPod touch.

ย iPhone:


They boost it to 16GBย  for $499

iPod touch:


They boost it to 32GB for $499

if you want to order click HERE.




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Looks Funny! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Just so you know, Applebee’s is Officially open and serving customers in Mishref. i thought i’d post about it since I got a lot of emails asking me to notify or mention it whenever it really opens.


My thanks goes for the blog supporter INM.

For more pictures and info click HERE





it was recommended by My dear friend INTER. he said their sandwiches would remind me of the late hungry bunny chain. and it kinda did!


i ordered 2 sandwiches and a fries. the super bunny sandwich (whopper look alike) and the roast beef sandwich. let me start by saying that i do not consider this restaurant a real restaurant, not a real fast food joint, nope, i think of it more like albatriq and sahran kinda of restaurants. mcdonald’s would be gourmet food next to these ๐Ÿ˜› . anyway, their super bunny was nice, it was a cross over between the whopper and the big deluxe. i liked it and it did remind of of the real super bunny.


now the roast beef sandwich was reaal nice! i was surprised! they use real roast beef! i don’t know how to explain it.. i liked the quality of their roast beef (although a bit chewy) but nevertheless, it was good and the meat was kind of thick and full of flavor (the tomato and lettuce had to go though). my only criticism and the only thing that bothered me was the quality of their mayonnaise. it had an eggy taste.. yukh.

Overall its a nice little place for when you crave junk food yet u’re sick from the usual places. I personally would definitely go back for their roast beef. and when i’m a bit nostalgic, i’d go for their super bunny ๐Ÿ˜€ oh and i loved their buns! so fresh!

Its located in hawalli, facing the 4th ring road, just opposite the Royale Hayat hospital.


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A few days ago and after posting about Pop Up Popcorn the owner sent me this box of popcorn to get it reviewed. They sent a box of white chocolate popcorn.




As u can see above, it has beautiful finishing touches and its very chic, even the quality of the box was good. My wife loves the black color tegool ekhaleeeh wayed raqey ๐Ÿ˜›



When it comes to taste I think they nailed it, its REALLY delicious and tasty and suitable if you were craving something really sweet. Whats made it unique was in my opinion the quality of the chocolate. I also tried milk chocolate which had Nutella in it and liked it as well.

Other flavors they offer:

– Dark Chocolate flavor.
– Cinnamon flavor.
– Coffee flavor.


I do have some suggestions for the people behind Popup popcorn: I wish they could admore flavors such as Caramel, Honey and Peanut Butter. I also think it would be a good idea if they offered more different sizes.

To order #65 160 190

Popup Popcorn


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Recently I faced alot of problems paying for my packages with UshopWeship, and now finally i get it, here is how to solve the problem:

if you are not using the “www” protocol. which means you entered the URL instead of, then you’re going to face the same problem i did.

so when you need to pay in the future, you have to use the “www” protocol.

My thanks goes to TwaiF




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Scientists once again proved that we don’t have to shed tears while doing things we hate! dicing the onions is no longer a hassle (well after 10 years it will no longer be). they succeeded in treating the onion biologically and removed the enzyme that triggers our tear canals. and it worked!


you can expect the “No More Tears” onions in the co-ops next to you approximately within 10-100 years ๐Ÿ˜€



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Just a reminder for my previous post Cinescape is now officially repricing their tickets, As u can see above starting from 07 Feb. o8 all the week will be KD3 except Monday it will be KD1.5 and the VIP will remain the same. “wedy ashooof yoom el athnaain eshkether za7ma bekooon !”




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One of the coolest cushions i have ever seen are these looks like a real stone! They r made of %100 of wool and u can choose how many small, medium and large cushion u want with different colors also.

For more pictures & info click HERE.

My thanks this times goes to INM.


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canonย lens

I want to buy some accessories for my camera. first i want to buy a nice bag that’ll contain everything i have and will have in the future. then i want to buy a good lens with better zoom and with image stabilizer, this one is going to be a bit expensive for my taste, but oh well. then i want to buy some CHEAPER lens just becoz they’re cheap (u know i’ve got to fill the bag i’m gonna buy).. and last but not least, i want to buy a bigger CF card.. i’m not sure why i want to buy a bigger one now.. but it just doesn’t feel right to have a 1GB CF card… does it?

backpack canon




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We used to know long ago that Kuwait have 5 newspapers and we subscribe in 3 ofย  the five ” Al-qabas, Al-watan and Al-rai” and 3oqob ma aqaraw ena 3ady yasderoon more than 5ย  we suddenly found our house FULL of newspapers! we got every day 7 newspapers!





5.Alam Alyoum



The strange thing that the last four newspaper we didnt subscribe with them or even call them! bas saraw met3awdeen kelyoom edezonlenaa !




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Yes KDD is back again to the Jam3eyat. Few minutes ago i got a call from INM saying that the 6 packs of KDD milk cost 750 fils, which means that the 1 pack is worth 125 fils, which is fair since it was priced at around 200 fils before.



The name is Rangoli, located in the Radisson SAS hotel.

We went to Rangoli just over a week ago, last thursday to be specific. we went only days after the restaurant’s opening, thats what we were told.

I liked the restaurant, the place was well designed and the amount of spending was evident once you look around at the decorations and the overall feel of the place. I liked how they built the restaurant just under the “alboom” restaurant (alboom means big ship), it was VERY smart of them to use the boom’s lower structure to divide the restaurant in half.. so when you’re in Rangoli you’ll notice the base of a ship splitting the dining area in half. (shown below)

part of the ship’s base

Now the food. I don’t think you can go wrong with this place, we ordered many things from appetizers to main courses and we were all happy with our orders (or at least thats the vibe i got from the others ๐Ÿ˜› ). I’m gonna speak for myself now, I ate some battered chicken for starters, i don’t know its name, but it was goooood! and so was the kebab and some other stuff i forgot, they were all delicious. I didn’t know what to order for the main course so i went with the safest dish.. the lamb baryany. the baryany was great as well. their baryany is one of the best i’ve ever tried, for me it ranks 2nd place (1st place goes to Dubai’s Asha’s).


Now the only thing that really bothered us was the service. it was extremely slow. we waited a lot for the food to arrive, the appetizers and the main courses were too far apart. We complained to the waiter and he said that its their first “real” week, and they weren’t expecting so many customers (it was almost a full house) and that the kitchen was facing problems keeping up.. he also promised to do his best to not keep us waiting. (it would’ve been nicer/professional to bring us some drinks or things on the house while they kept us waiting, imo, but they didn’t).

Anyway, overall, I liked the place and I would definitely go back there soon and also would highly recommend it to my friends and family.




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Want an ugly ice cube? if yes then this is for u! sij sij shay ekhareee3!

for more info click HERE.