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A few days ago and after posting about Pop Up Popcorn the owner sent me this box of popcorn to get it reviewed. They sent a box of white chocolate popcorn.




As u can see above, it has beautiful finishing touches and its very chic, even the quality of the box was good. My wife loves the black color tegool ekhaleeeh wayed raqey 😛



When it comes to taste I think they nailed it, its REALLY delicious and tasty and suitable if you were craving something really sweet. Whats made it unique was in my opinion the quality of the chocolate. I also tried milk chocolate which had Nutella in it and liked it as well.

Other flavors they offer:

– Dark Chocolate flavor.
– Cinnamon flavor.
– Coffee flavor.


I do have some suggestions for the people behind Popup popcorn: I wish they could admore flavors such as Caramel, Honey and Peanut Butter. I also think it would be a good idea if they offered more different sizes.

To order #65 160 190

Popup Popcorn


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14 Responses to “Review: Pop Up Popcorn”

  1. HKR says:

    I tried the Milk chocolate & Cinnamon.. both of them r delicious 😉

  2. Mishary says:

    HKR Try the white chocolate wala it tasty tara 😉

  3. Talal says:

    yabeela enjarb.. bas al 9ara7a albox malah wayed 7elo.. yeshawg enk ta6lba..

  4. Mishary says:

    Tala Walla im recommending it

  5. Mishary says:

    Pop Up Owner alah e3afeeek & thanks 🙂

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  7. Pop Up Owner says:

    There will also be a special “Valentine Popcorn”. For more information you can contact me 5-160-190. Thank you.

  8. Hessa says:

    i just tried pop up popcorn, milk choco, and it was exquisite!.. its soooo addictive.. i couldnt stop eating!! i salute u “pop up Owner” and thank you very much! 😉

  9. lovelynulifer10 says:


  10. Pop Up Owner says:

    U.Welcome- Bel3afya Hessa!

  11. newbride says:

    wooooooow looks tasty i will give it a try enshalah 🙂

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  13. Lulu says:

    The popcorn is ridiculously delicious! My friend offered me some in school, it was chocolate and marshmallow flavored. Never tasted anything like it! Truly one of its kind 😉 & to the owner, wish u the best of luck in your pursuit to bring remarkable popcorn indulgence to every home. Thank u!!