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Good news for sushi’s lover this is claimed they delivered sushi any where in Kuwait the have several flavors such as:


California Maki

Consist of Crabs – Avacado – Cucumber


Crabs Rolls

Consist of Crabs only


Tambora Maki

Shrimp – Cucumber – Avavcada


Solomon Sushi

Solomon – Avacado

They claimed that the 6 pieces gonna cost u KD1.5 and the minimum charge for free delivery is KD3, To order call or SMS at: 6838321 or 6510140.

Website located HERE.


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  1. EXzombie says:

    when they say it takes them 5 to 20 hours to give you sushi, I guess there should be something fishy…..!!!

  2. Okay they look real good .. i think.

    Real decent.

    I HATE sushi.
    and I think Maki and Wasabi are u3.
    Allah yzeed el ne3ma .
    Everyone around me is a Maki-Wasabi- or just plain sushi addict.
    It doesnt make sense.
    Faj2a Chak Boooooooooooooooooooooooom Everyone in Kuwait is a Sushi Lover?

  3. MiYaFuSHi says:

    Looks scary!

    you know….like something that would taste bad AND give you food poisoning.

  4. Taymoor says:

    Go with the flow heheheh…next month it might be frog legs

  5. EXzombie says:

    actually frog legs taste good……!!!

  6. Outkasty says:

    I’ve always wondered, what’s with the black strip?

  7. Hamad says:

    6alabat.com.. sushi rest. with a free-webpage hosting w 1.5kd for 6pcs of rolls madry china 3awar ba6in lol

  8. fashionated says:

    its seems that all their rolls consist of crab, avocado and cucumber..not much of a selection but nice presentation

  9. Are these home-made sushi…?
    And the best best sushi is Sakura!! Latgolooonlee Maki wela Wasabi wela ma3ref aysh… We’ve been going to Sakura with my family since FOREVER ooo wela sushi restaurant yegdar e9ik 3alai… !!!