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My friend just called me and said that all of the three highways to Kuwait City (Fahaheel, Almaghreb and Alma6ar highways) are jammed with cars! he said coz the belajat (gulf) road is closed. Even INM called me and said it took him 1.5 hr to come back home.

i dont know why they r closing it? preparation of Hala Feb.? Maybe.

Ali just sent me some pics that shows how crowded the streets were. According to him the blajat (Gulf) street was closed due to constructions from Al abraj (kuwait towers) to Marina Mall, there for, it will remain closed for the next 72 hrs.

Here are more pics.



Thank You Ali for taking these pics.


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  2. Hamad says:

    closed just for one day ya3ni? i guess i missed it ams ma 6ala3t

  3. Mishary says:

    Hamad actually its for 2 days .. this is what ive heard