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Today me & my wife decided to go to Villa Moda Al-Manshar which is located in Al-Manshar mall in Fahaheel.


Its located at the end of the mall which is near Rotana Hotel.


Once i got in i grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. But suddenly they came to me and asked me to turn it off! So, all the pics below are spy pics πŸ˜› Sorry if they are not clear enough πŸ˜›


There is a flower section for a shop called Cozy Corner at the entrance.


If you can see above, basically the place consists of circles and each circle got its own brand. One of the circles is for DIGITS shop (its an apple computer shop).


The shop also got a second floor which is also for ladies! πŸ™


There is a cafe too!

I just want to mention that this branchΒ seems to be a little bit different from the other branches, it doesn’t have the major brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or even Marni. But it’s worth going.




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My Brother used this moving company last week to move his furniture and stuff. He told me that they did a good job wrapping, packing, loading and moving the furniture. And also they were reasonably priced. I’m glad he got a good service because he had been so accustomed to using his regular Vancouver movers. He voiced real fears about the whole thing and I’m just happy for him that everything was perfect.




For more information about the Company you can check their Site

Reader’s Opinions

“I used them also when I moved to my new house last year. They came on time and did an excellent job (and even some things beyond the call of duty). None of my furniture was scratched and they were prepared with everything they needed from the start.

I had a very positive experience with them and I’d recommend them to anyone.” – Ahmad

“This Pack β€˜N’ Move company is so great you start doubting you are dealing with company inside Kuwait. They come on time. The know what they do. They explain what they are going to do. You chose what to pay for if you need extra packaging. The start bringing down the pieces, moving, and assembling it. No BANG noises, not a single scratch.” Bashar


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When I first got married, about a year ago, I went to the Gulf Bank and asked them about getting an extra card for my K-Net account so that i can give it to my wife just in case anything happens. Their answer was NO! its not possible. I even took it the to the branch manager there and asked him, his answer was “even if I accept ur request the system will auto refuse and cancel it!”

I went back home and forgot about it. After a few months i noticed that my Card’s letters & number were unidentifiable so i decided to go to the bank and ask them to get a new card. They wanted me to give them the old one so they can proceed with the request, I suggested that I keep mine until I get the new one.

Anyway, they agreed. After a few days they called and told me to come and collect my new card, so, I went there to get it…. they did NOT ask about my old one…. Aaaaaand Guess what!?!? BOTH cards now are working! So much for the system auto refusing my card!!!





Its one of those movies where from the opening credits you know, you just know its going to be one of the best movies you ever saw. that was the case with me, my friends and whoever watched the movie.

The movie is set in the early 1900s. It tells the story of a young 15 year old black girl named Celie. Celie was constantly abused and humiliated by her father who later forced her to marry a widower with a bunch of kids. and that widower, Mister, as Celie would call him, picked up where her father left.

Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Whoopi Goldberg
Danny Glocer
Oprah Winfrey


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Did anyone notice these bags here in Kuwait? i’ve noticed them recently in many shapes and styles! My question is are these Authentic? and whats their relation with GM Cadillac cars? wayeeed gomt ashofhoom eb kel mokan!

I just did a quick search on amazon and found them under “Ashley M Cadillac” and they cost around KD10.

Here is the Link to Amazon.


It seems that they r selling it here in Kuwait, Check it out HERE “Check their prices.. what a rip off!”

Thanks M




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I think this will help you these days A LOT πŸ˜›

The pair is going to cost you around KD 2.150, to buy one just click HERE.

My thanks Goes to Ahmad.





Mom’s newest cake. I heard its very simple to prepare, I’m gonna see if I can get the recipe πŸ˜‰



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I’m sick again πŸ™‚ the 3rd time in less than 50 days. The first time i got sick i was like, yeah, maybe its weather changes and me traveling back to Kuwait from Dubai.. you know how it is when you travel? But then when i got sick the second time, only 3 weeks after i got better, i thought, hmm maybe i should get a doctor’s opinion? a real “ear, nose and throat” doctor. but as the days went by, and the antibiotics kicking in, it all seemed nice and dandy again.. why go to a doctor?

Who thinks of going to the doctor when there are no immediate pain?

But 3 days ago, less than a week from concluding my sickness with my 2nd antibiotics course, it came back, that damn virus mutant thing came back!!!

Anyway, I’m going to a real doctor on sunday, i got an appointment. and I’m gonna end this tonsils thing once and for all.


Its weird when you get sick and one of your friends get really mad coz you can’t go out with him.. I told him I’m sick and can’t even get out of bed, yet he’s so angry and think I’m not giving a good enough excuse… I’m sure he’s reading this now. πŸ˜›


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This is REALLY cool! just check when Ghanim Alsaleh says Hardiz instead of Hardees πŸ™‚ bas sij ya7lailaaah πŸ™‚ And by the way what’s this “Hamburger Al-Dira” does any one remember? have you ever tasted it before? πŸ™‚




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Today me, my wife and INM decided to have our lunch in Johnny Rockets, we went to the Avenues branch and suddenly the dust comes out! Faj’ah zaad!! It changed our mood and made everything seems so… sad!


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Remember my old post about IDdesign, Well today i checked it out and they’re officially open to public.


I was expecting it to be as big as Alghanim but its way too small.




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Wa3alayaaa ! i dont think he will be in love again! πŸ˜›

Thanks INM





I bought 2 of this pant in 2 different colors over a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve been wearing them nonstop! I just love them.. They’re very comfy, they always look new out of the washing machine, they have many sizes & colors and they go with everything!

Take a look Here.




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Today on my way back from work, i noticed this HUGE truck! when i came closer i noticed that it carries bleachers for the elections! (modarajaat for entekhabaat)



Thery’e movable and you can move them whenever you want. if you want to take a look, they’re Mishref near the girls school.




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We updated the side bar to:

  • Include links to some of our daily stops.
  • Remove the pointless links to our recent posts.
  • Gave a new look to our categories. (not sure this one will last, we may go back to the cloud effect. if you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about, raise your hands and one leg)

    Hope you like it! coz God knows how hard it was to play around with the sidebar! lol This tiny change made me realize how hard it would be if we ever needed to move our blog or if (God forbid) we decided to change our theme!


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Just got this by email:

“Dear all, KFH will be selling Formula one tickets for the Bahrain Grand Prix. You can buy the tickets from KFH show room in shuwaikh (contact Ata Alsalem/KFH). The race is on sunday the 6th of april

For those interested, contact the person mentioned above ( I won’t for sure πŸ™‚ ).

You can contact them at:

KFH tel: 803333

or email them directly:




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This β€œMeasuring Towel” is designed for those who care about their sizes πŸ˜› it measures your waist in a secs. πŸ™‚




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I never knew Bahrain had started a low cost airlines. Their fleet consists of 2 airplanes, a boeing 737 and an airbus A320.

“Bahrain Air, the first privately owned Premium Low Priced Carrier (PLPC), started operations on 3rd. February 2008 using modern Airbus “A320″ fleet, operates from Bahrain to Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait and Mashad. By April 2008 the destinations will be extended to include Dhaka in Bangladesh”

Currently there are no routes to Kuwait. but there will be in the future.

Do you know that in the past 5 years 5 new airlines started their operations in the gulf region alone?

In 2003, Air Arabia & Etihad Airways. Jazeera Airways in 2005 And in 2007 Bahrain Air. And I think somewhere in 2008 we will get Alwataniya Airways. Its getting a bit too competitive. (7i6 7ailhom bainhom)

Thanks INM.


Apparently there are more and more carriers popping up every day πŸ˜› Mr. Solutions told us in his comment that Dubai has just annouced their own verion of low cost carriers! read more about it Here.



Le Pain Quotidien, to many its just another cafe, But to me, its the home of my favorite egg benedict! πŸ˜€ Whenever I’m in the mood for a good breakfast and I happen to be able to get up in time, I go there and have one of the best breakfasts in Kuwait.


Last thursday was a great day for having breakfasts outdoors. We went to Le Pain Quotidien, Marina Crescent’s Branch. The weather was amazing, The weekend was starting early & I was really craving PQ! and the food was outstanding! as usual.

Omelette With Kashkawan Cheese

Egg Benedict


One thing was off that day, their service. they were not organized and very.. disoriented? The waiters were not concentrating even when taking our orders! they’re always attentive and very professional but for some reason they weren’t that day.

Their Site




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Its really fun!Β  Just write your name on the box and click submit.


Thanks Labebah.