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Yesterday Ali sent me these pictures and it shows that Al-Oula are now offering us the opportunity to look for and buy mobiles while we’re filling up our cars. Just like Mark said, I too hope to see mini markets in Al-Oula stations soon.


Thank you Ali.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 4th, 2008 at 12:19 am

7 Responses to “4U in Al-Oula Stations”

  1. forzaq8 says:

    your picture look as if it was taken in 1980’s :p

  2. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    There has been a 4U in the Sharq station for about two years .. never seen it open tho.

  3. Ali says:

    ee wala chinha ayam el 80`s !!
    yemkn maswit setting 7ag el camera o ana em9awerha dakhl el syara ,, 7ata el jama mo emnzelha 😛

  4. I don’t see and difference after privatization of the Gas stations same service nothing more…

  5. Big Pearls says:

    yabeeli 9oora ib hal camera:p

  6. […] A few days ago i got a letter from Oula Fuel Marketing Company thanking me for my posts regarding their new machines and their mini mobile shops.  […]

  7. sam.k says:

    Al Oula petrol pump at south surra sation No.117 at 1.30 t my surprise there were not having no change
    Of 20Kwd .now that he does not have change he started talking bad I think the high class Bengali staff must taught or given a lesson to behave and talk properly not only to Kuwait citizen but who ever pays.For petrol or in other words customer. Check out person working on this time at pump no3