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Angled Corner Picture Frames are a smart idea, that allows you to display your pictures in a way you never thought before. They have inner frame and outer frame versions, so you now you can use that empty space you never used before.

Find them in natural maple or beech black finishes, and choose from inside or outside corner styles through the details website. The design might look cool and innovative, but the price is huge for a picture frame KD83 and KD94 “Chena ghaley eshway?” 😛

Still want to order? here a direct LINK

My thanks goes for Ahmad


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5 Responses to “Angled Corner Picture Frames”

  1. Ruby Redux says:

    Chena ee, bs il fikra zaina, fa yimkin a7ad y8alidha for a fraction of the price.

  2. Mishary says:

    Ruby Redux Your right wallah

  3. pumkinah says:

    khooosh idea like it

  4. Touché says:

    And I thought I’m an online shopping guru, keep it and spicing up my online shopping world till my credit card is totally swollen 🙂

  5. Hi

    Must correct you on the originality of this corner frame.
    I designed mine back in 2004 and have OHIM registration on it.

    Have a look at our full collection at http://www.frames4corners.co.uk
    It includes corner mirrors

    Thanks; brendan