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Today me, Ali and Abdullah were going for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Just before we were there Ali noticed this new building which, at first, he thought was an Indian restaurant called Muhraja Palace.


This Restaurant is circle shaped and divided into two sections, 2 half circles, One is Fish Market (not related to the one near Marina Mall, and the other is Fusion.


Fish Market is a sea food restaurant and Fusion i think is either Japanese or Chinese. Both restaurants are owned by Americana. Both are going to be officially open in 15 days.


As you can see, the decoration must’ve costed them a small fortune! no i take it back, i think it costed them a HUGE fortune! You can see there are a fish tanks all over the place.


Here is the entrance for both restaurants.


Here is a part of Fish market restaurant. As you can see there are a lot of fish tanks. I think they’re there so u can choose the fish you’d like to eat and they cook it for you.


Thank You Abdullah for letting me use your mobile camera and thanks Ali for asking the employees all these quesion, which proved to be very helpful to this post πŸ˜€


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24 Responses to “Fish Market & Fusion Restaurants in Kuwait”

  1. Ali says:

    waaaw man el 9owaar 3ajebaaaa
    yabeelaaa nakel feeh b3ad 15 yom πŸ˜›

  2. Mishary says:

    Ali Thanx .. hatha mobile Abdullah πŸ˜› o inshalla el3azema 3alaik? πŸ˜›

  3. Ali says:

    afa 3alik testahloon πŸ˜›

  4. ??? says:

    The restaurants look really snazzy but I would never place that much colour into one place, but it’s a fish themed restaurant so I guess it’s acceptable. Shame that both of these restaurants’ names have been copied of existing restaurants in Kuwait. (They could’ve been more creative, unless of course if they are franchises which I doubt).

    But they sure looks exciting, I’ll make sure to stop by one of them as soon as I come back.

  5. ??? says:

    Correction: I just found out that this fish market is the same as the one in Egypt so it’s not really copying anyone (I don’t know why I thought that Totally Fish is called Fish Market). However, a restaurant called Fusion already exists in Kuwait.

  6. Mr Fish says:

    All the fish will by trying to look ugly and unattractive so that no-one will want to eat them!!

  7. Q80 Saracen says:

    Wow, that’s exciting. I hope you would consider doing a review when it actually opens…you know, to protect us from having a horrible experience or encourage us into having a great meal.

  8. intlxpatr says:

    I love it that you got the Kuwait Towers in the background so we all know exactly where these restaurants are. Great photos.

  9. Mishary says:

    intlxpatr THANKS! actually i’m using Sony Ericsson K800 camera πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Q80 Saracen Inshalla i will coz Ali ra7 ya3zemny πŸ˜›

    Mr Fish hehehehe πŸ˜›

    ??? Fusion already exists in Kuwait. –> Where??

  10. bmi says:

    fusion is in galleria 2000

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  12. Nawaf says:

    It is unfortunate that owners of this joint Fish market copied their resto names from already existing restos in kuwait.Shame.

  13. Tota says:

    i was looking for information about the resturant Fish market chan a6ee7 3alekom hnee bel 9edfa.
    How r u all?
    i would like to add a comment about Fish market, it does exist in kuwait bel salmeya yam el besher shenna (salmeya el qadeema) i think this new one is an expand only. elle bel salmeya same style. Pick you Fish and they cook it for u. 7adda 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

    am going to the new one soon enshalla if not today

  14. Calbine n Ling says:

    we have been invitied today by a great and nice couple to dine in Fusion, well to be honest this is the very first time that i had dinner in a themed restaurant and considering that we also have like this in my home country but hadn’t tried to check out japanese food not even once.

    they opened at exactly 7 pm we were the second group who came in, so they gave us a very warm reception and they were all very courteous and well trained. Ms. Janice the lady who served us first introduced and explained the menu. we were served with hot soup, there have two set menus, ninja and ( i forgot the other one, sorry, maybe eating too much made me forget the set menu name, lol). then came the appetizer, and we were very surprised about the presentation and the serving portions c”,), afterwards the whopping main course (good thing i deprived myself from eating fatayer this morning) so i always checked Ms. Janice if there are still more to come, lol, bcoz I don’t like surprises, guess i was SURPRISED (uber!) we enjoyed it very much now i was thinking how did i finished eating all those courses in one seating (for two hours). i told my husband not to cook breakfast tomorrow coz it looks like i had two days meal lol (exagzzz).

    till next foodie raid…hmmm i could smell steak just a meters away!

  15. Roro says:

    What is the phone # of Fusion restuarant ?

  16. Fatma says:

    Dear All,

    the fish market resturant in old salmiya is a good one BUT it’s not the real Fish Market, this new one is the real and original and they have other branches out of Kuwait like Port Ghalib Touristic city in Marsa Alam, i ahve been to the resturant the place is wonderful for people who like Zfara :p you may go with your Cart and choose all the sea food you want from the water tanks, and then ask for the way to be cooked, the decoration and lighting and all details are perfect wallah, i highly recommaned the Calamary and Fried CHAN3AD :p oo wallah all was delicious, the other part of the building is FUSION also it’s different than any other resturant, it’s Japanees + Chenees + Thai food, there is suchi bar and very nice decoration, after one year they will open the uper floor for an Italian resturant enshallah.

    Fish Market number: 2418876
    Fusion number: 2418901

    have a nice day πŸ˜‰

  17. JK says:

    We had bad experience at Fish Market Restaurant, they didn’t allow me and my brothers family there. Securities stopped us at the entrance.. They need only kuwaities I guess. This kind of humiliation happening to us first time!! I will never go there any more.

  18. sam says:

    fusion number is 22418901

  19. Mayada Homad says:

    We went to Fusion near the Towerws of Kuwait yesterday. It is an impressive piece of works. Choosing the Japanese restaurant (the fish market was fully booked) the three of us sat down. it wasn’t crowded at all and we hoped for full service. To our disappointment, the service was soooo slow-the main dish for one of our party came before the appetizer! my main dish came without the rice i ordered and after we complained gently,the waitress informed the manager-he didn;t even have the courtesy to come and ask us what the matter was! I suppose they don;t care for customer’s views- and he tried to avoid us!!! It was overly priced for a fast food restaurant. We asked the waitress what was going on and she said they were having problems in the kitchen!! Anyway, and of course noone cares, we won;t be going or recommending this restaurant to any of our friends/visitors.

  20. thomas says:

    yesterday I had hte misfortune of going to fish market restaurent near kuwait towers, what JK has written is true, I also had the similar experience. I had oredered some stuff ,including some lobsters and we decided to wait outside as we had our 2 yr old with us who was difficult to manage inside. After some time I went inside, but an arab looking guy in blue denim,without any ID |card or any uniform asked in arabic where i was going,i didnt understand what he was saying , so i proceeded inside , but he rushed at me and tried to push me away. Luckily I was having my bill with me , so I showed it to him , and he let me go after saying some abuses in arabic.I went inside and complained to the manager,and he said that the guy was their security. I asked him then why he was not in uniform , or any i.d badge, he said it was their business whether the security is uniformed or not.This is a very insulting way of dealing with a customer who has already ordered a meal and had come inside only to collect it.

  21. rodel says:

    dear mam/sir

    im so empress in your concept restuarant,i wish there still opening job.
    if its possible allow me to apply in your good offfice.i worked before in chilis and ruby tuesday as head waiter.thank you so much hoping for your reply.(tel no.0097150847328)

  22. RASHED says:


  23. i loved Because have first of all have to abig Fish withRise yes
    and When you are finish you can goto Wash your hand mouth
    but if you touch abig fish get abad smell yeah! so of Course We will see Okay, yes i like a Seafood yeah! What again yes ha
    wallah eih shou Eiyani qal eih eiyani shayef helo ahkkk , yallah
    see you laterOn bye . ana Dalia Ghobar min lebnen.

  24. eric says:

    hi there and actually I’m looking the restaurant from Kuwait named Ruby Tuesday restaurant and how do you see on this? Let me know???