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Fish Market & Fusion Restaurants in Kuwait

Posted By Mishary.


Today me, Ali and Abdullah were going for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Just before we were there Ali noticed this new building which, at first, he thought was an Indian restaurant called Muhraja Palace.


This Restaurant is circle shaped and divided into two sections, 2 half circles, One is Fish Market (not related to the one near Marina Mall, and the other is Fusion.


Fish Market is a sea food restaurant and Fusion i think is either Japanese or Chinese. Both restaurants are owned by Americana. Both are going to be officially open in 15 days.


As you can see, the decoration must’ve costed them a small fortune! no i take it back, i think it costed them a HUGE fortune! You can see there are a fish tanks all over the place.


Here is the entrance for both restaurants.


Here is a part of Fish market restaurant. As you can see there are a lot of fish tanks. I think they’re there so u can choose the fish you’d like to eat and they cook it for you.


Thank You Abdullah for letting me use your mobile camera and thanks Ali for asking the employees all these quesion, which proved to be very helpful to this post 😀