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Similar to what i’ve posted, here is another site which is based on google maps, This site will locate your position based on your IP address and will show it on google maps. I think its fun to know whom are you talking to and where do they live? Mishref, Khaldeya, Nezha… ect. 😛

Check it out HERE

My thanks goes this time to Ali


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  1. Computers says:

    […] eÃ?sthete wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPosted By Mishary. […]

  2. meerameera says:


  3. Angelo says:

    Ahh you exposed yourself. Prepare for the FBI knocking on your door for illegal downloading.

    …..I dunno, you just seem on of the guys who download stuff from the internet alot.

  4. Ali says:

    uw ya yal ghaly
    ehny bl dwam 6ela3ly Ahmedi Kuwait 😛

  5. Ali says:

    shfeny kateb ya o yal !!
    shlon asawi edit ??

  6. Q80 Saracen says:

    Madri wulla…I always love new technology and development. But for us, in Kuwait, its very easy to figure out who someone is just by having a geographic starting point. Mafhoom il privacy yi5tiffy…