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Remember my last post regarding Apple pillows, This time will be for Mario & Goomba fans, i think you will love this.


They features also:

  • Officially Licensed Large-Size Mario Plush.
  • Imported from Japan.
  • About 10″ High.
  • Brick Block makes a Coin Sound.
  • Goomba makes a bop then “defeated” sound.
  • Star plays the Mario Star Song.
  • Batteries Included.

Each one gonna cost you around KD6.700, If you still want them click HERE


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  1. Angelo says:

    That’s nice, but I don’t see anything Zelda-related. Give me a pillow that is shaped like a Triforce or a Heart Container then we will talk business.

  2. Mishary says:

    Angelo Humm.. Let me search and if i got it i’ll let u know 😛