I came across this Site by accident. Whats up with Kuwait Airways selling this DVD?

From the Site:

“This double dvd, lasting 6 hours, includes many pilot briefings and presentations, a one hour cockpit tour of the A340, a close look at the excellent inflight service of Kuwait Airways, CEO and company presentation, catering, maintenance, flight operations, crew training and a lot more…”

Someone please explain this to me.



This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 1:45 am

25 Responses to “Kuwait Airways Sells DVDs?”

  1. Hasan.B says:

    Ana agoul law ebe3on their planes wayed abrak, dont you agree?

  2. pink says:

    kuwaitshitairways dont have costumers and need to sell the dvd to help get money for payroll..LOL only explaination

  3. Kha says:

    I dont know which is funnier, them selling DVDs or their “excellent inflight service”.

  4. Cat says:

    kuwait airways !

    DVDs now !!

    9eeej ay shy !

  5. 7zaya says:

    You know what’s interesting? This seems to be a sales pitch. Like maybe they were considering selling off shares in KU and they’re using this as a marketing tool. It’s weird that they’d sell it though, I would think they’d give it away for free to an interested investor if that was the original purpose.

    I got this message when I clicked on the order button:

    The Kuwait Airways B777-200 is not currently available. Please contact us for availability of this item.

  6. Bashar says:

    If I remember correctly, uptill yesterday, Kuwait Airways is known to be one of the worst around. It keeps declining and losing, and last time they didn’t eve think of investing in new airplanes.

    Compiling a 6 hours documentary about the inflight service of Kuwait is really funny. People make documentaries about break through, top service item, things that people are passionate about. Not something they hate and have bad experience with.

    Now that a side, selling it for $40 is a complete different JOKE! GIVE ME A BREAK MAN! I should be paid to listen to such crap. It’s an advertisement for God’s sake. Do you know that for $55, you could get the full series of best famous Planet Earth Documentary? Add $12 more and get the Blu-Ray version as well

  7. In the beginning I thought these DVDs are Scenery disks for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 🙂

    المفروض يوزعونهم على ركاب الدرجة الأولى بدل الهدايا الحقيرة إللي مو راضية تتغير من سنين


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  9. Yousef says:

    Hasan.B Agree o no9! 🙂

    Pink hehehe mastab3id’ha wallah! 😛

    Kha Definitely the “excellent inflight service”! lol 😀

    Cat they’re going to sell Mugs soon, just wait and see 😛

    7zaya hmm.. its going to be privatized soon, why do they need to sell shares? and how come they don’t have the triple 7 in stock! LOL!

    Bashar You know what is weird though? if you click on that link and scroll down that site, you’d find people’s reviews about this DVD and some are raving! Why would anyone spend $40 to watch something so worthless?

    لمياء الحالمة give them to first class passengers? why? so they can have a constant reminder of that awful flight they took! 😛
    but i agree, 3al aqal a7san min ina ifakroon ibe3oon hal DVDs. 🙂

  10. pumkinah says:

    nage9hum bs yebe3on banak 😛

  11. Yousef says:

    pumkinah LOL!!!!! takhayalay!?! 😛 😛

  12. la this dvd is showing you how the plan works and how what is the job of every device , my dad is on this dvd

  13. btw this dvd is made by the kuwait airways pilots and not the company itself

  14. piloto says:

    go die yousef you know nothing about kac just talk bad about us so childish and bastardo dont fly with us go and fly with some one who dont give a shit about you and treat you like a dog you are heeeeeheeeeehheee

  15. piloto says:

    and bastardo yousef show your shity face so we can sue your ass for insulting our effort and next time basterd when you get to your destination safely know that pilots got you to where you want to go routen apple ok wa khalik ryalll

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  17. uturn says:

    Piloto, God i hope you’re not one of Kuwait airways pilots!

  18. BoNasir says:

    I think the problem with Kuwait Airways (KAC) today is the result of the bad recruitment policies of the late 1980’s and all the 1990’s. These policies have brought on board those who have nothing to offer but their (wasta’s) which were strong enough to enlist them. As a result, the KAC became bloated with bureaucrats whos main interest was the paycheck and not the wellbeing of KAC and certainly not its ability to compee with an ever growing and changing market. The fina laim, I think, is to down-promote a big corporation to either sell it cheap, or to take it out of competition when a large local competetor is made available.

  19. piloto says:

    what do you think of course im we work so hard to save the company and this dummy insults our effort …….khal yaakl tibin wyskit

  20. BoNasir says:

    Dear Piloto, with all my due respects, we all are trying to work hard, everyone in his/her own post, but we also have to accept questions, complains and critic. We are NOT prophets of Allah, and we are subject to being wrong, and even the best of intentions can not forgive a mistake. All what Yousef was trying to do was wondering about a fact, and that is all. If that was not a fact say so, but till then, you have NOT answered him, although you do not have to, as this is an open forum and is not the Central Auditing authority nor it is the National Assembly.!!!

  21. Yousef says:

    uturn hehehehe Yeah me too. I wouldn’t feel safe.

    BoNasir Not all people can take criticism with an open mind. I tend to avoid having conversations with such people. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog BoNasir 🙂

  22. piloto says:

    thank you for your input but it seems to me you are out of touch with the reality that people are trying to bring back some image to this company that are going through intentionaly systmatic destruction by mafias in and out and when our group trys this as a work we find that peoplelike yousef make fun on our work ithink mr nice guy here would ve been more nice in putting this issue with proper comments but the thing is that i dont understand you are takeing sides here …again feel free not to fly with us since you dont provide any good ideas nor you understand that we are working on tight budget here ………..thanks and i do appologies for blowing a fuse

  23. piloto says:

    يا أخوان بدل ماتأيدونا وتساندونا ترا الكلمة الطيبة تشترون ودنا فيها بس بعد 6 اشهر نحضر حق هالعمل جذي تحرقون جهدنا وتبون نسكت دخلوا الموقع مال الشركة اللي تبيع واقروا الأراء لاتخذون كلامنا

  24. ali says:

    يبا هذا سيديات شارينها من واحد مسويها عن الشركة يعني بالعربي الفصيح تنفيع وسلامتكم وتعيشون

  25. alawi says:


    for your informtion, the money made by this DVD does not go to kuwait airways! this is an amazing DVD for people who really want to know what happening in the cockpit of an airline. This DVD was rating amoung the best airline dvd there is! it is sold out!

    comments made of this amazing DVD
    “We are awarding this excellent DVD collection from Just Planes with a full 5 stars. Never before have I come across a DVD package with so much aircraft variety, airline operation details, in-flight operations, exciting airports and general aviation enjoyment.”

    “Yet another wonderful presentation, this time of an amazing Middle Eastern airline and its professional operations. It is a great mix of short- and long-haul trips, and in-depth detailed presentations of the aircraft and the airline’s departments. The format and features are excellent, extremely interesting, and highly recommended.”

    “In my opinion the Kuwait Airways DVD is World Air Routes at its best. I enjoyed this DVD from beginning to end. I liked the presentations of every pilot involved with the making of this DVD. That includes 1) preflight walkaround, 2) flightdeck tour, and 3) other pertinent information. A wonderful presentation on the HISTORY OF KUWAIT AIRWAYS. Also, great filming (including the takeoffs & landings). I enjoyed the landing on runway 9L at LHR, the landing & takeoff at BEY, and the scenes of the City of Kuwait. The cabin scenes were excellent also. Finally, I liked the following presentations ˆ 1) catering, 2) maintenance, 3) flight operations, 4) crew training, and 5) the CEO & company presentation. I want to thank Tommy Mogren, Michel Moskal, and the people at JUSTPLANES for doing a fantastic job with the production of this DVD. In my opinion Kuwait Airways is a very professional airline and I strongly recommend this DVD to all your viewers.”


    Kuwait airways have top pilots, all trained in UK. what another thing i like about kuwait airways is that you have a 99.9% that one of the pilots are Kuwaiti. and do u know that hardest part… even though the planes are old and some tv monitors dont work, the pilots have to deal with it to, and give you a smooth ride. and safty always comes first!

    best regards