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^Thats a real 1/2 Dinar note




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  1. Q80 Saracen says:

    This place has been gaining more and more popularity in the technology store sector. I know that they have DVD players with a place for flash memory (so you can watch avi/divx) for under 20kd. But I’m always wary of stuff that is…too cheap. How is the quality, does anyone know?


  2. 5ermesS says:

    LoOoOL indeed 😀


  3. 5ermesS says:

    Oops this comment for Mishary post ;p Sorry


  4. Hamad says:

    Q80 saracen: we’ve tried their tv for almost a yr now, its perfect.
    they’re simply subtracting the brand name from the product price which differs them from the other brands.


  5. Q80 Saracen says:

    Hamad: Well in that case, it definitley warrants a second look. Another argument a friend of mine said was “for 13KD, does it really matter if it breaks in 4 months”…I think its more of a convenience thing than a price consideration. Thanks


  6. Mishary says:

    I’ve got ONE also … Thanks Electrozan .. sij 7ilwa elfekraaa :)


  7. Yousef says:

    Q80 Saracen to tell you the truth i haven’t been there yet. but i’m sure they offer everything.. they can’t be offering the cheap (price-wise) stuff alone..

    and yeah their TVs are great!

    5ermesS lol ok .. bs mo t3odeenha marra thanya 😛

    Mishary I know 😉


  8. pumkinah says:

    i bought some stuff from there its cheap and working great 😉 esh nabe ba3ad cheap and good ! even if it breaks quickly its cheap ! u can always replace it ! 9ij ena our flat tv esma chingchong hehehe bs its working great 😛 ( mashallah 😛 mo wagta ye6eg o yekhtereb 😛 )


  9. Yousef says:

    pumkinah we bought that chinchong tv 😛 it works fine so far :)

    Abdulaziz thanks for the link :)


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