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The project is located at the northern part of Kuwait on Khour Al Subiyah overlooking the Bubiyan Island.


The beach front extends to about 500 meters and is regarded as a shallow water area with a high percentage of deposits due to its proximity to the Shatt Al-Arab Delta.


The resort components are a hotel with 100 double-rooms, a resort with 63 chalets, various cafes and restaurants, a Spa health club and marina complex for servicing private and rental boats of sea-bound visitors.


Developer: KAMCO

Thank youΒ Ali.


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I have been having difficulty sending emails when I’m using Ego. Can’t send emails from my .Mac account.

Their call centers are of no help.



The solution can be found HERE


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Today me, Ali and Abdullah were going for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Just before we were there Ali noticed this new building which, at first, he thought was an Indian restaurant called Muhraja Palace.


This Restaurant is circle shaped and divided into two sections, 2 half circles, One is Fish Market (not related to the one near Marina Mall, and the other is Fusion.


Fish Market is a sea food restaurant and Fusion i think is either Japanese or Chinese. Both restaurants are owned by Americana. Both are going to be officially open in 15 days.


As you can see, the decoration must’ve costed them a small fortune! no i take it back, i think it costed them a HUGE fortune! You can see there are a fish tanks all over the place.


Here is the entrance for both restaurants.


Here is a part of Fish market restaurant. As you can see there are a lot of fish tanks. I think they’re there so u can choose the fish you’d like to eat and they cook it for you.


Thank You Abdullah for letting me use your mobile camera and thanks Ali for asking the employees all these quesion, which proved to be very helpful to this post πŸ˜€


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I like t when it comes to competition. This is yet another site that share the same concept as But this one is exclusive to Crown Plaza and Holiday Inn’s restaurants.

From the site: is an online site which is operated by Crowne Plaza Kuwait. is easy to remember & you can order online from the detailed menus of the international cuisines without visiting or calling to your favourite restaurant. Now you can enjoy the food in your home with your family & friends.

The delivery fees are 400 fils/order. fees are 200 fils/order. I think they should reconsider their pricing.

HERE is their link.


it seems that 6alabat has increased their price to 250 fils .

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The Myka is what many Torrent fans have been waiting for. A device that makes it easy to download torrents and play them on your living room TV. You can connect to the internet via LAN or WiFi. Your choice of 80, 160 or 500 gigabytes (and USB expansion) and the Linux OS with pre-installed BitTorrent software.


“Connect her to the Internet, plug her into your TV and Myka does the rest for you. With the BitTorrent protocol built right in, video torrents can be downloaded directly from the Web or transferred from your computer, freeing up your PC’s or laptop’s memory and processor for work or play”

Available for $299 – $459.

I don’t see this taking off, but what do I know? πŸ˜›

Thanks INM πŸ™‚ . for further information click THIS link.


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Long time ago my wife was asking me to figure out and i DIDN’T! “As usual” πŸ˜› So today guys i want to share this with you.. The question is: There is an arrow in FedExΒ  logo if any one can find it? let me know πŸ˜› ” Yousef don’t answer i think i told you about it before” πŸ™‚


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Remember my last post regarding Apple pillows, This time will be for Mario & Goomba fans, i think you will love this.


They features also:

  • Officially Licensed Large-Size Mario Plush.
  • Imported from Japan.
  • About 10″ High.
  • Brick Block makes a Coin Sound.
  • Goomba makes a bop then “defeated” sound.
  • Star plays the Mario Star Song.
  • Batteries Included.

Each one gonna cost you around KD6.700, If you still want them click HERE




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Today i found a CD in front of our house door, I think its a gift from The Ministry of Information and it contains some national songs.”What a nice timing for distributing this cd!”

Chena el tawgeet khanhoom πŸ™‚


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I just got off the phone with NBK. they cancelled my Visa card coz “I have no stable source of income.” I don’t blame them, its the central bank’s rules (i used the word central twice in one day.. Yipppeee!). Anway, I began thinking of all the lovely times i spent with my credit card.. when it hit me!! I have money in there! a week or so ago i wanted to buy my laptop off so I went and put 800 kd in my credit card. and now its cancelled! Grrr

The guy from NBK put me on hold for a total time of 10 minutes and finally came back to tell me that I should go to my branch, take a credit card statement then go to NBK’s main branch, give them the statement and ask for a refund “it should take around 3 days from the day you ask for the refund.” And i should do all that on sunday coz they’re closed for the holiday today & the whole weekend.

I’m hating NBK at the moment.



My mother woke me up around 11:30 and gave me a red piece of paper with some weird words scribbled down on it. as i looked harder, squeezing all of my eye powers just to focus on this little paper, i read managed to read words like: delivered, postal service, my name..

I didn’t get it, i was half asleep so i can’t be blamed. but then Mom said “I think its concerning your laptop.” thats when i got fully awake! my laptop is here!!! turned out no, its not here. the ministry of whatever just sent me a notice to come and pick my laptop “or it will be returned to it’s source after 10 days.”

I sprung to my feet, went downstairs and asked our cook, i wanted more info. he said that a guy came, gave him this piece of paper and told him “let Yousef come see us and collect his package after 5 days.” HA! 5 days?! ILWAISH?!

I barely brushed my teeth and went to Kifan Central. after struggling to find the right counter, i finally managed to get my laptop just 1.5 minutes before their closing time. The guy asked me why did i bother come in such a hurry? I said “i paid a lot to get it in time and i didn’t want to waste the weekend with “what ifs” thoughts).

I didn’t pay a single dime for tax πŸ˜€ (and that my friends, made my week!)







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For those of you who like to be different in any way!
Β  If your answer is yes? then this is for you then, Yes you can make your own style.
Want to order it? click HERE it gonna cost you around KD347.


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Guys from this picture you can get these information:

  • Whats the Name of the guy In Arabic?
  • How old is he?
  • Where does he live?
  • Whats his wife name In Arabic?
  • Whats his profession?

Let me know who will solve it? πŸ˜›

My thanks Goes to INM


Its solved! Mashalah our readers are SO SMART! Mahsalah “including Yousef!” πŸ™‚

Here are the answers:

  • Whats the Name of the guy In Arabic? “Khalid”
  • How old is he? “26”
  • Where does he live? “Bahrain”
  • Whats his wife name In Arabic? “Seham”
  • Whats his profession? “Sa7afey”

Aaaand the winers are:

Yousef, Chirp, strawberry And Labeba “She’s the ONLY one who solved his job which i think is the most difficult part”




Β fixya-logo.jpg

You know how most of the time when you’re faced with a problem with a device you own, you start going through your manuals and online FAQs but your problem is no where to be found? It happens to me a lot.

This site right Here provides solutions to problems related to housewares, gadgets, electronics…etc. The solutions are provided by users (like u & me) and specialists, they’re continually refined so only the best solutions remain. Me likey πŸ˜€




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Similar to what i’ve posted, here is another site which is based on google maps, This site will locate your position based on your IP address and will show it on google maps. I think its fun to know whom are you talking to and where do they live? Mishref, Khaldeya, Nezha… ect. πŸ˜›

Check it out HERE

My thanks goes this time to Ali


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Apple on Tuesday announced the immediate availability of Safari 3.1, the latest version of what the company calls the “world’s fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs”. To download click HERE.

I specially loved this part of their report “Safari loads web pages 1.9 times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2.” πŸ˜›





Mishary: ma3indy net ilyoom.
Yousef: wain nettik?
Mishary: faj2a morathya teshteghel! o ga3ed a3aabil feeha!
Yousef: your wife?
Mishary: net’ha ba6ee2..
Yousef: qasdy mino ily faj2a morathya teshte’3il? your wife? (ilmafrooth qasdy nikta bs inta wayid fe6een)
Mishary: waaihhh ana ga3ed afaker shloon ashaghelha fa mokhhy wayid sayir thick!!
Yousef: shino hashay ilmo2annath ily theba7tny feeh!!! kho il router mothakkar!
Mishary: ishtaghal !!! πŸ˜€
Yousef: laish magilt ishtaghlaat?
Mishary: ishtaghlat yal 3illaahhhh!!!


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^Thats a real 1/2 Dinar note




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And you thought Microsoft had trouble with piracy in Asia. Just look at what Egypt is doing to the new Windows… potato chips. Now with real Ballmer batter!

Simply Egypt! πŸ˜›


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Angled Corner Picture Frames are a smart idea, that allows you to display your pictures in a way you never thought before. They have inner frame and outer frame versions, so you now you can use that empty space you never used before.

Find them in natural maple or beech black finishes, and choose from inside or outside corner styles through the details website. The design might look cool and innovative, but the price is huge for a picture frame KD83 and KD94 “Chena ghaley eshway?” πŸ˜›

Still want to order? here a direct LINK

My thanks goes for Ahmad


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Apparently there is a site dedicated to bathrooms all around the world (no joke). You can check all the bathrooms in your country incase you decided to go when you’re out and far away from home.

Currently in Kuwait there are only 3 bathrooms listed. If you know anymore public toilets, you can go ahead and add them (good karma people!) πŸ˜›

From the Site

The Bathroom Diaries is the world’s largest database of restroom locations.Its The largest enterprise of its kind in the world, The Bathroom Diaries was founded and is operated by Mary Ann Racin, an entrepreneur whose professional background is in art, education and international finance. Racin and The Bathroom Diaries have appeared on CNN, the BBC, USA Today and The Washington Post. TechTV has called the website, β€œthe best idea ever.”

Site’s Link