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Anise, A newly opened Restaurant in Dubai’s Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City.

Me and loco went to this beautifully designed restaurant a few days ago. its a multinational buffet kind of restaurant where there are multiple live stations cooking food live & per request. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of the main dish(s) coz we were too hungry to be bothered. I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking now 🙂










5 Out Of 5

A Must.

Hotel’s Link
The Restaurant was Designed By a Japanese company called Super Potato




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I just found that Sultan Center is offering a new flavors of KitKat which are:

  • Orange flavor.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Dark chocolate flavor.

Thanks Abdullah




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The MacBook Air fans will love this. I think its cute. 🙂

Available HERE for KD 8.

pictures taken from HERE


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Today i went with Abdullah and Ali for dinner and then i decided to buy a coconut! (don’t ask!). I like to eat fresh coconut. So my friends suggested to go to souq sharq coz we were near by.


Before heading to the vegetable market we decided to take a look at the fish market, look around & get some pics.


It was around 10:00 pm and the market was so crowded with people!


After we were done going through every fish, we went to the vegetable market and started searching for MY COCONUT 😀


Me and Ali searched every shop! The weird thing was whenever we asked anyone about them, the answer was like “Are you kidding? Men sejkom intaw yayeen edawroon ehny coconut??”


Finally some one heard us and told us its available in Sultan Center.

This is not bread its Baqsam! 😛


Finally we found our lovely coconut @ Sultan Center! and they r selling it for 350 Fils/Piece.

Thanks Abdullah and Ali for joining me in my search for the coconut!




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Regarding the special event which was held today, Steve Jobs came with:

1. SDK was released.

2. There will be a new update 2.0 which will have a lot of things but it will be on June.

More info HERE.


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Yesterday after we finished dinner 9K2HN suggested to try avocado juice, i was like… WHAT!? Avocado juice? (yes, i’m kinda picky. but compared to INM i’m a vacuum! Coz he’s EXTREMELY picky!) Back to topic 😛


So after we went there he ordered and i gave it a try. Simply, its DELICIOUS! mashalah its kinda thick i cant imagine its a Natural fruit/vegetable (wait a sec.. is it a vegetable or a fruit?) walla madry bas it tastes good.


The place is so tiny, and its located in Kaifan Co-op, next to Mr. Baker.


They have a new way to cover the top of the plastic cup, They cover it with this skinny transparent nylon tissue.

The shop has a web site but its under construction. if you want to check it out click HERE.

Score will be 4 out 5.

Thanks 9K2HN (Now i can eat Hearts PLUS Avocado juice) 😛


if you want to see the menu click HERE.



We were there by the shuttle buses location around 5:30pm and in less than a minute we were on the bus and on our way to the concert venue. everybody was excited and brought their picnic carpets and little cushions. Me & loco went with just our tickets in hand. the shuttle took 5 minutes and we were there. the place didn’t look crowded, actually it looked empty! it didn’t fill up until the last 5 minutes.


As we entered, we noticed lots of people carrying their cameras and no one was stopping them. so loco volunteered to go and bring my camera from the car. and I promised him to keep an eye on his little spot on the grass until he comes back. he went on a bus back to the parking area, lost the tickets, got yelled at by the bus driver and lost 3 kilos from a very long walk. meanwhile, i was being mocked and yelled at by a lebanese witch. she came with her husband and wanted to spread their carpet on loco’s spot!

i just said: my friend is sitting here, he’s coming back.
Husband: he’s gonna take this whole place?! this whole place?!
Me: No, just this spot *points to the spot near me*
Husband: ALL of this spot?! all of it?!
Me: NO NO JUST THIS LITTLE 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter!
Witch: so your friend is going to sit next to You RIGHT?
Me: YES.
*the witch fell to her knees, almost breaking mine, and sat EXTREMELY close to me and said*
Witch: so this is how your friend is going to sit??? *and then looked at her husband* OK, now spread the rug next to me! *looks at me* ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?
Me: isloobich raw3a.
Witch: *gave me a patronizing look and looked away*

I couldn’t say a word. i was really angry, but i could say anything, which made me even more angry.

less than 10 mintues later, her husband went away, called her on the phone and she started packing and then left. just before going away, she said “you can have this whole place for yourself now!”

loco came back 45 minutes later with the camera! hurraaay!


we waited until 8:20. The crowd stood up and were pushing us against the barrier when some lights and smokes were flashing on stage. by 8:30 Celine appeard! just on time 🙂

The concert started with a little clip. then she bursted into “I drove all night.” it was a nice song to start up the concert. she was amazing as ever!

The Setlist:

I drove all night
The Power Of Love
Taking Chances
Its all coming back to me now
To love You More
Because You Loved Me
I’m Your Angel (with her background singer)
Eyes On Me
We Will Rock You
The Show Must Go On
All By Myself
Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore
Its a Man’s world
Love Can Move Mountains

And some other Covers and songs from her catalog.


She rocked each and every song and gave it her all. It was all great. The Audience was into her and her songs. She said “Ana Ahebbak” and “Shokran.” She took a moment to thank us, and told us how a great an audience we are. She also talked a bit about Dubai, and that she’s been here for 3 days and already know why everybody talks about Dubai. “its the city of tomorrow, its the city of the future” she said.


She sang a song and then said her goodbyes and left. The audience were still not satisfied and some were angry she didn’t sing my hear will go on “The Titanic Song.” loco looked at me with an 😮 face, and I said “she’ll come back for an encore.” and She did! 😀 she came back and sang The “Titanic Song.”


It was an amazing night. lots of pushing, shoving and witches, but totally worth it.


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Just got an email from 9K2HN saying that our blog is blocked if your using fasttelco connection it actually block which hosted our blog. Any one can confirm it please?

Thanks 9K2HN




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I think this will help a lot of people out side Kuwait .. this is a site which will auto locate your Qibla  based on google maps  all you need is just type the location  that u in and the red line will represent  the Qibla for you as simple as that.


My thanks goes to INM


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Yes, This is what’s i’ve received via sms from 360 Mall. “i think 1 year from now is too much walla, i thought it will opens in a couple of months”

For more info click HERE  It also has some video’s.


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This strange bar of soap was apparently discovered in Russia. I can’t read Russian, but it translates to “the purest soap.” Somehow I doubt that this is a real product, probably something crafted by someone with a sense of humor. Either way, I wouldn’t mind having a bar of this sitting in my bathroom.

Here is a video of it:


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Mishary Posted the other day about DHL’s @ Home Service. So, I went yesterday and signed up in DHL’s new service. They’re open from 9am till 6pm. I went around 2 o’clock and was greeted by the one and only, Ms Sarita (early members of Aramex’s shop and ship will know her very well). She was as friendly and as efficient as ever. She recognized me and said “you gained weight haven’t you?” at first I thought she was talking about herself so I replied “No! you look better than ever!” later I realized the comments was directed at me! err…

Ok, so She started by saying “I don’t want to over sell the service we have here, coz its really knew and we’re still working on lot of things.”


1)You have Sarita working there.
2)Just like aramex it costs 2.5kd for the first 1/2 kilo and then 2kd for each additional 1/2 kilos.
3)The Mailbox is located in Illinois, so you can save lots on tax money (macbook pro’s tax is $240 if delivered to Aramex’s newyork address. and only $140 when delivered to illinois).
4)4 days delivery from the US to your address in Kuwait.
5)I like that its DHL. they’ve got to be worried about their reputation, so the chances of them screwing up are much less than the other services.
6)You have an optional 2% insurance. it covers the whole amount. so If you ever receive a damaged package, you can get your full money back. no matter how large the amount is.

1)Its still a pretty new service, so there are lots of missing options (like tracking ur package) but She, Sarita, told me I can call her whenever I want to know the status of the shipment. and she’ll call whenever it arrives.
2)They charge on either, the package’s weight or its volume whichever is the highest. (a guy ordered light plane model and is being charged a big sum of money because of the size of the package).

I just love dealing with Sarita. thats why I think this new service is going to Rock!

PS. there is a one time 10kd fee when you sign up.

Tel # 2246502


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Yousef wrote about this McDonald’s new offering in his post around a week ago. Today i found out that it’s now available here in Mishref’s branch, so I decided to check it out and let you know more about it. It costs 400 fils/piece and just like Dubai’s, It comes with 3 different types of sauces: Garlic & Mayo sauce, Sweet Chili sauce And Barbecue sauce.


Now when it comes to how it tasted, let me just say that I expected it to taste something like their chicken nuggets, i mean something special atleast, But I was disappointed to say the least. Its just a regular chicken fillet without any special touches.

I give it 2 out of 5 It wasn’t special at all!


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PayPal, darling of the Internet, has warned its users to steer clear of Apple’s Safari Web browser because it doesn’t support anti-phishing technologies. I think now Firefox is a MUST 😛





Draw Their Sympathy!



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This site should be bookmarked by ALL of You out there! Its an online directory for lots of useful telephone numbers. It contains MANY categories! you can go through their MANY categories, select one, click search and it will show lots of the shops within that category.

Take a look and judge for yourself. I’m gonna bookmark it for sure. 😀



Turned out we have 3 more online directories in Kuwait, Thanks Mr. Solutions for sharing them with us. Here they Are:

-And last but not least, or maybe it is least i’m not sure, KOCD


I came across this google translation tool by accident. Now You can translate roughly any site from English to Arabic with just one simple click! Although the translations are often inaccurate, I think it may come in handy one day.


As You can see from the picture above, All You have to do is go to this LINK, drag and drop the link marked above to your browser’s toolbar and you’re done! Once it is set in your toolbar, Go to any of your favorite english sites and click on “English to Arabic,” and watch the site get translated within seconds.




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Yesterday Ali sent me these pictures and it shows that Al-Oula are now offering us the opportunity to look for and buy mobiles while we’re filling up our cars. Just like Mark said, I too hope to see mini markets in Al-Oula stations soon.


Thank you Ali.


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Today i was searching the net and going through our blog, and realized that our blog is viewed not only in Kuwait (i know Kuwait came first place) but i got surprised that our reader now are becoming wider and we’re expanding. we reached Spain hehehe 🙂 ya7lailhom yegroon eshga3deen ensawey ana o Yousef, walla khosh. 🙂


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Humm… What can i say about this restaurant? Ok lets begin, i’ve been in love with this restaurant for almost 7 years, Usually i go to this restaurants with my friends Ali & Abdullah “because they introduced me to this 7 years ago” its a tiny place with only 4 plastic tables and each table will hold 2-3 as maximum chairs.


The appetizers are the following:

– Iranian Bread.

– Lemon, cucumber, fresh onion and tomato.

– Homos “they only serve homos” no for motabal.


As for the grilles they serve:

– Tekka.

– Kabab.

– Hearts ” Yes now i can eat them! thanx for my brothers in law specially 9K2HN”.

– Sheesh tawooq.

Finally, its easily takes 5/5 because of very very very quick service moreover for their low prices .. takhayelaw each “seekh” will cost you 100 fils o 3alaik le7sab 🙂

My thanks goes this time for both of you Ali & Abdullah


I got couple of emails telling me to add the address So here is it:

Its in Hawali behind Al Negra complex and their number is: 2659620