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This post will be dedicated to girls and married girls may be more interested. Today my wife ordered a collection of perfumes designed especially for bed covers and linens.


The cool part of this is, you can choose any favorite perfume you like such as M7, Coco Chanel, Stella, Cinema..ect. and transfer it to these kind of perfumes.


They have a long list of famous perfumes you can choose from. They even make a high-concentration perfumes “Eau de parfum“, even body lotions, if you wish.

My wife let me smell them and esara7a they were like the REAL ones! and when it comes to the price, I think they’re very reasonably priced, each one will cost you KD1.5 and there will be an extra KD2 for delivery.

Finally if you wish to order just call 6618520.


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  1. 5ermesS says:

    Waaaw 5oosh walla 😉
    thnxXx intresting post ;*

  2. Big Pearls says:

    Really interesting, thanks

  3. Raveena says:

    Wooooow 3ajeeeeb Specially Narciso Rodriguez

  4. Ryo0omah says:

    shaklah nice
    bas tarah i`ve tried to call them ow maskeen 6ala3ley pakistaney mayadrey shelsalfah!!
    maybe alragam `3ala6 bas its the same as the one in the sticker!!
    can you plz ask ur wife maybe she`ve got any other # !!

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  6. Mishary says:

    Ryo0omah walla i have asked her o 6ala3 bethab6 nafsa! jarbay edegeen 3alaih again?

  7. OM AFAF says:

    maskoooor akoy mishary ana ma sawet ela alwajeb
    thank you very much

    alragam sa7


  8. Mishary says:

    OM AFAF Bel3ax ana ay shay Kuwaiti ashaj3aa o for free ba3ad akteb 3ana .. elshay elzain nemda7aaa o sheghlech kan zain esara7a 😛

  9. OM AFAF says:

    maskoor walla fekom alker

  10. شغلها روعه انا طالبه منها الله يوفقها ونصيحه طلبو العطووووووور تاينين

  11. OM AFAF says:

    مشكووووووووره قلبي واخص بالشكر صاحب الموضوع


  12. القطانيه says:

    والله انا طالبه من ام عفااااف شغلها اينن وحدها طيبه بتعامل احبج ام عفااف ومنهاا للاعلى يارب