Mishary: ma3indy net ilyoom.
Yousef: wain nettik?
Mishary: faj2a morathya teshteghel! o ga3ed a3aabil feeha!
Yousef: your wife?
Mishary: net’ha ba6ee2..
Yousef: qasdy mino ily faj2a morathya teshte’3il? your wife? (ilmafrooth qasdy nikta bs inta wayid fe6een)
Mishary: waaihhh ana ga3ed afaker shloon ashaghelha fa mokhhy wayid sayir thick!!
Yousef: shino hashay ilmo2annath ily theba7tny feeh!!! kho il router mothakkar!
Mishary: ishtaghal !!! 😀
Yousef: laish magilt ishtaghlaat?
Mishary: ishtaghlat yal 3illaahhhh!!!


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  1. inm says:

    ta7at 3endy ana fe internet chan yebt el laptop malik mishary


  2. SMS’ing says:

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