Around a week ago my Brother told me that there was some Kuwaiti soap being filmed infront of where he’s living and that he has an insider there telling him about the soap. (The insider is their houseboy or something. The insider managed to land a role in the soap too!). So I asked my brother if it was possible to take some pictures of the set so I could share it with you all. And He very kindly did go through all the trouble of sneaking in when no one was around 😛 and shot all these nice photos 😀

A cast member!

The mosalsal is called Al Lahoub, The set is all wood, about an inch thick. There was an old cafe built for some scenes, but unfortunately it was brought down before He had a chance to take some pictures. (err I forgot the actors’ names. I’m gonna update this post once I remember or my brother sms me the names!)

Thank you Tareq for the great pictures and the effort.





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7 Responses to “From The Set Of Al Lahoub”

  1. intlxpatr says:

    Don’t you wish there were a few places like this still left in Kuwait? Qattaris have rebuilt their old market to resemble an old market, but with modern electricity and running water. They kept the rents low to keep all their traditional merchants, but added some spaces for restaurants. Now, people head for this old market to gather, to eat; they have a traditional space with a lot of character.

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  3. Chipmunk says:

    intlxpatr – there are a couple of places around kuwait, but just like most destinations around here, they are not taken care of. Soug Al Mubarkiya and Youm Al Bahar are examples.

  4. HBZ says:

    nice post .. i think ga3ed esawon qarya torathya jidam soug sharq

  5. pumkinah says:

    HBZ yea bs enshalah etkhali9 soon my friend designed it maybe 4 years ago ! and they still haven’t built it yet! ooo inshalah yenbana as drawing oo ma yghyron feh we9eer lo3a like many projects!

  6. Yousef says:

    intlxpatr Yes. but its a bit too late.. we took care of every old building and built new modern stuff on its ruins. its a shame. I read somewhere that one of the last places (omsedda) was brought down in 2002. do old renovated dewaniyas count? there are some left out there.

    HBZ dam ina yaboon qura toratheya laish hdemaw malot gabil!????

    pumkinah can you ask your friend if she can send us some of the pictures for us to publish?

  7. TaLaL says:

    7elwa 0orat hal almomathel alqadeer o ‘9eef alsharaf ” al7mar ” 3azkom allah ..