A Father teaching his kid how to pronounce Hamburger 😛 “Hangerger” Cute!

[AUDIO http://somecontrast.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/hamburger-kid.mp3]

I would have strangled him by the second try lol

Dankeschön loco.


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12 Responses to “Hamburger Kid”

  1. Angelo says:

    This is hilarious. I love when the father screams 5A6A’ 😀


  2. loco says:

    am willkommensten 😉


  3. snookie says:

    omg that is amazing.. can u post a link so i can download it?


  4. Yousef says:

    Angelo listen to the father’s first “laaa2” he sounds like a goat LOL!

    snookie Here you go, Download. 😉


  5. Ruby Redux says:

    This is like Phoebe and Joey from “Friends;” Phoebe was teaching Joey French for his audition.

    It all came out WRONG together. Yet right when segmented like the audio clip.


  6. Q80saracen says:

    Too funny… more, more, more!


  7. 7zaya says:

    Ya sheen kalmat “5a6a22” ‘3aljjaa! Laish ma ygoloon ‘3ala66?!!

    Ba3dain I think the son sounds cute… e7im e7im…

    *coming from a girl who used to say “humbUNgar” and “Shairuba”*


  8. 7zaya says:

    (btw I am hoping we get to hear your mom’s take on the political scene at some point )


  9. Talal says:

    3ajeeeeb .. a7la shy lema yegola ‘7a6a2 .. yegol alkid haaa ??


  10. Yousef says:

    Ruby Redux I remember that scene!!!! LOL hilarious!

    Q80saracen hehehe inshallah :)

    7zaya LOOL! Hambungar!! sh7agga! o shariruba! 😛 il kid wayid ahwan 😛 (I got Mom’s take per ur request)

    Talal hehehe ee sima3t il haaaa 😛 lo ana chan zana6ta


  11. pumkinah says:

    3edta 70 mara owwwwww 3jeeeeeeeeeeb hehe lel7en ga3d ath7ak 😛


  12. sho0osh says:

    CUTE ! hehehehehe remind me with my brother’s son when he said FARAAALWA hehehe .. instead of FARAAWLA 😉


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