It all started when the mighty mouse above made an appearance to the girls attending that lecture in GUST‘s new campus in Mishref. According to my source, some girls screamed and others hopped on their chairs. 😛

More from the source herself:

Well it was a typical day at GUST; it was my last boring class Management & Organization behaviour from 2:00-3:20pm.

As I was wondering around thinking what will I have for lunch today…
SUDDENLY! From the quiet -boring atmosphere one of the STUDENTS SCREAMED HER HEAD OFF…SCREAMING MOUSE! MOUSE! Her scream (can wake up patients in coma!)

We all jumped from our seats looking for this little ugly creature as we thought and it turned out he’s this little, cute, harmless thing!

Professor’s reaction: (Ooh! Here is the little guy)
Girl’s reaction: (Majority of them ran screaming out of the class! And the rest took pictures of the little creature!)

We surrounded the baby mouse until the security calmly came in and carried the mouse from his tale to the outdoors of the university.

The shocking thing is that about 2 weeks ago on a Saturday, in the same class! One of the sections had a midterm exam and suddenly the same thing happened, but what’s worse than that is they had to fold their legs on the chair and take the exam with pounding hearts! And watch the mouse running around!

I bet they did well on the exam!!!

What a shame! A new campus, it’s HUGE with high TECH. equipments, with uncontrolled temperature it’s either FREEZING or HUMID! And it’s a university where not only students can learn but believe it or not… It’s for “mice” to live and learn!

Thanks Wa6n_3Mri


This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 at 6:00 am

9 Responses to “Mouse Causes Panic In GUST”

  1. Linus says:

    That mouse looks like a cow! A mini cow!

  2. jewaira says:

    Hahaha that must have been funny

  3. Hamitaf La B says:

    Maybe he’s like Ratattouille… but he wants to study…. maybe he came out of one of those girls’ big Hijabs… 🙂

  4. SKAR says:

    yeah I heard a loud scream while I was in class at 2:15 .. I bet it’s because of that cow mouse (N)

  5. Enigma says:

    ola hat’s a co wnow a mouse! that is soo funny though

  6. 5ermesS says:

    “they had to fold their legs on the chair and take the exam with pounding hearts! And watch the mouse running around!”

    weeeeii3 3anne ma mta7ant!! ana lo hnaak a9lat ma yshofoon ella ‘3bartey ;p

  7. forzaq8 says:

    i think someone is releasing those , that mouse doesn’t look like a local

    and i heard that 2-3 weeks ago there was a snake in there

  8. Flana says:

    Hillarious.. and the scream gets an OSCAR !! nice job..

    p.s .. we dont have mice… we just like entertainment !

  9. Yousef says:

    I don’t know whats scary about seeing a mouse. I mean if its a cockroach I’d understand lol but a moouse!?? 😛