Someone from Kuwait airways obviously got pissed at my Kuwait Airways Sells DVDs? post and is insulting me in the comment section.

Here are his comments

“go die yousef you know nothing about kac just talk bad about us so childish and bastardo dont fly with us go and fly with some one who dont give a shish about you and treat you like a dog you are heeeeeheeeeehheee”

“and bastardo yousef show your shishy face so we can sue your (…) for insulting our effort and next time basterd when you get to your destination safely know that pilots got you to where you want to go routen apple ok wa khalik ryalll”

Funny. Considering my uncle was one of the people who established Kuwait Airways back in the 50’s.


This entry was posted on Friday, April 11th, 2008 at 12:02 am

22 Responses to “My First Online Insult!”

  1. thekuwaiti says:

    Just wait till the death threats start rolling in ..

  2. Yousef says:

    thekuwaiti oh wow.. lol la bs ashwa ina 9ayir ibnas gably 😛

  3. Angelo says:

    Oh God I have my share of online insults as well, even though my blog is absolutely none-political/religious/socio-economic at all. I simply smirk at them and hit the delete button while laughing like a madman. Muwahahahahaha. Believe me…it’s goooooooood.

  4. SpiKeY says:

    looool…hes talking chena Kuwait airways is like the top Airliner…its not top 100…they have 19 planes I think….6 which are grounded due to technical problems…and other 13 they fly and hope they dont see any technical problems during the flight….

    there is nothing wrong stating the truth…

  5. BloBoz says:

    Obviously hatha ba6alaly, ma3endah shoghel, ye3any men nag9 7anan or he had a bad childhood. 6af..

  6. greyshorts says:

    Ya3ni chthyb saabek ? ga3ed eda’3da’3ek hatha =P

  7. greyshorts says:


  8. Kha says:

    Sure, they’d get you in the destination you want. But only after 12 hours delay, no sleep at all because of the crappy time you spent in the airplane before it took off bcz of them not wanting to run on the AC, and having hostesses that are more like m3azebat chnnik et6er mnhom glass may.

  9. 7zaya says:

    HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA why is he calling you a bastard in Italian!!! LOL ya7laila thaqafta ee6aliyya!

    I suggest you look up German insults and say them back to him that should shut him up 😀

  10. Sue Me cHow says:

    Ha ha ! i will not fly KAC even for free …. ( i refused my companys free ticket on KAC and opted for Emirates ) Cz last time i travelled on KAC , everytime i asked something ( like water) they gave me a frown …. not so passenger friendly crew ( not generalizing) and the seats are so primitive , I hope they will learn to spell better once they are privatized .

  11. Om FasoOoL says:

    hheheheheheehhehe badda3aw !! hatha me7tar mennik he thinks he’s covering up for KAC. I was just on board el re7la el mo3athaba men sharm that arrived yesterday, we were supposed to take off at 6:10 pm we took off at 2:00 am !!! o ma7ad ya36ek wayh no one tells you why there is a delay . After 3 hours in the plane with a baby they ask us to go down and wait in the airport without any food vouchures or any ground staff that we could ask and of course no lounge ! when i asked them how long will this take i have a baby with me and i need milk and food and pampers and i don’t have enough their answer was “heheheheh ya7lailha … ala ekhaleeha lech ” ebthemetik hatha 6ayaran ?! malat 3alaihom

  12. Ali says:

    Khal yeblaa3 el 3afyaa ” 3ala qolat 3abdl jaleel ” 😛

  13. 5ermesS says:

    Waaay g6ee3a shal esloob!! fe shay esma open-minded.. ya 7elwa weld ilmo’9af “elcoment elle gabla” la sab wala shay although his father was on the dvd!!

    agool khal el.. tanba7 w elqafilato taseer “3ala golat so3ad 3abdalla” 😀

  14. 5ermesS says:

    * khal el.. HAWHAW tenba7 ( nesait the best part) 😀

  15. intlxpatr says:

    Hehehehehehehehe! Well, he’s getting his wish – no one is flying his airline if they can help it. We prefer planes that are maintained, an airline that uses QUALIFIED pilots (not those who are made pilots after flunking the test three times and using wasta to become pilot) and who respect their clients enough to actually fly sometime CLOSE to when they are scheduled.

    I often let insults stand, because – like your insult above – they reflect so poorly on the one insulting.

  16. Yousef says:

    Angelo I wanted to delete this worthless comment but I decided to post about it instead. you know, converting negative energy into something slightly positive.. and bainy o bainik I didn’t have much material to write lol 😛

    SpiKeY did you just say something negative about KAC?!!! RUN!!

    BloBoz naq9 7anan!! LOOL!

    greyshorts ha ya3ny mo misabba?? zain ashwa! 😛

    Kha Agreed. Kuwait Airways sucks big time and i’m reminded of how bad a job they’re doing everytime I get on board one of their miserable flights.

    7zaya yeah I thought that was weird too! lol sh6ary! glad someone noticed it!

    Sue Me cHow lol @ the spelling remark!

    Om FasoOoL 8 hours delay without any kind of compensation! You’d think we’d all agree that KAC is one of the worst major companies in Kuwait if not THE worst. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    Ali Hehehehehe ee wallaaaah 🙂

    5ermesS 3ajeeeeb thak ilmaq6a3!! yom nisma taakil 6oma6! ee wallah. ilshisma hawwhaww wilqafila taseeeeeer! 😛

    intlxpatr “I often let insults stand, because – like your insult above – they reflect so poorly on the one insulting.” EXACTLY! 😀 if it was anywhere near smart, I’d have erased it quietly lol

  17. Hamad says:

    soal 3ayal.. laish they privatized the KAC then? btw did they count you as one of their assets? cause you’re really skilled in bullsh*t talk

    anyway sooner or later idiots like you will get fired under the private corp. rule.

    I think he needs special care somewhere where he’d get a special red card for his special character.

  18. pink says:

    agool kuwaitshitairways shareeha hatha 3ala 7sabaah??

    7mdela w shkrr i say mn 7raatkm cuz mn omah mako passangers….even lo they gave me money to ride.

    i fly anywer throu emirates going all the way to dubai and adding 2+ hrs to my flight time wala arkb with there shitty airline…even the ground staff are creepy by my own personal horrible experiences.

  19. dots... says:

    mabrook 3al ” medal of honor” 😉

    this is your first.. 3ogbal il bajyat ! 🙂

  20. Outkasty says:

    mayshof shar ma3a rasa 😛

  21. ROUDAN says:

    Hehe i LOVE his english… i thought you have spelling checks? hahahaha

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