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A few days ago i received my Time Capsule, the 500GB version. it was supposed to be shipped at the end of Feb. but due to some version update Apple delayed it till the end of March.



Whats in the box:

  • Time Capsule.
  • Power Cable.
  • Manual.
  • Installation CD.


    I thought it would fit nicely on top of my Mac Mini, but turned out its a lot wider & thinner. but it looks sexy! 😛

    Straight to the point


    • wireless access 24/7 to your storage people! this is soo cool! Im backing up my mac & vista wirelessly!
    • i connected it with my Zain router, so now it acts as my storage PLUS internet. The fact that its Wireless N is making it a very good access point.
    • Its Sexy! its an apple product! yes im considering apple a plus!



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4 Responses to “My Time Capsule Is Here!”

  1. blasha says:

    how did u connect it with the zain router??

  2. Mishary says:

    blasha by Ethernet cable.

  3. blasha says:

    will save for the 3G iPhone in June