Starting from today you can watch Marina fm 88.8 on your TV. They got their own channel on Nilesat, Freq.  11555. The programs are:

  • Nagham alsabah.
  • The Dowaniya.
  • Nes el youm.
  • Speed.
  • Night show.



I think this will help Tarsheed campaign a LOT if they distribute it. 🙂

Thanks to Labeba


It all started when the mighty mouse above made an appearance to the girls attending that lecture in GUST‘s new campus in Mishref. According to my source, some girls screamed and others hopped on their chairs. 😛

More from the source herself:

Well it was a typical day at GUST; it was my last boring class Management & Organization behaviour from 2:00-3:20pm.

As I was wondering around thinking what will I have for lunch today…
SUDDENLY! From the quiet -boring atmosphere one of the STUDENTS SCREAMED HER HEAD OFF…SCREAMING MOUSE! MOUSE! Her scream (can wake up patients in coma!)

We all jumped from our seats looking for this little ugly creature as we thought and it turned out he’s this little, cute, harmless thing!

Professor’s reaction: (Ooh! Here is the little guy)
Girl’s reaction: (Majority of them ran screaming out of the class! And the rest took pictures of the little creature!)

We surrounded the baby mouse until the security calmly came in and carried the mouse from his tale to the outdoors of the university.

The shocking thing is that about 2 weeks ago on a Saturday, in the same class! One of the sections had a midterm exam and suddenly the same thing happened, but what’s worse than that is they had to fold their legs on the chair and take the exam with pounding hearts! And watch the mouse running around!

I bet they did well on the exam!!!

What a shame! A new campus, it’s HUGE with high TECH. equipments, with uncontrolled temperature it’s either FREEZING or HUMID! And it’s a university where not only students can learn but believe it or not… It’s for “mice” to live and learn!

Thanks Wa6n_3Mri


Just saw it on the Rachel Ray show. If you’re one of those people who love to take care of their purses and its cleanliness then this thing is for you. If you’re also worried about it getting stolen then this is a good investment too! (I’m aware that I sound like a commercial)

Costs $35 – $79. LINK


Yes, our lovely dowaniya has left! We decided to start the move at midnight to avoid any traffic jams in the streets.

I think Ali and Abdullah know how much time we spent in this dowaniya (talking, studying and gathering) we spent some beautiful times there, i will never forget you, Bye Bye dowaniya. 🙁


Today i was reading Mark’s Forum and found that will apply tax to any NY address! here is what cajie wrote:

We have been enjoying tax-free shipping from Amazon to NY, but it looks like this is going to change in the near future. I always used to hate buying from bhphotovideo because they add NY tax to any purchase (as they are based in NY).”


Direct link to the Fourm click HERE.


Happy & Hopeful

I smell Trouble

I did! I did! smell trouble

Full fledged problem

2nd car to the rescue.

3 cars. Trying to no avail!

Neighbor to the rescue. Turned out all we needed was a good set of ropes.

And it finally moved!

Victorious! NOT! 😛


Flip it either way, depending on how you feel that day. 🙂

It’s gonna cost you around KD10. Want it? Click HERE




Since the weather has been shifting to madness by the second I thought you might find this site, KuwaitStorm, helpful to decide whether to stay indoors or go out. I know I’ll be checking it from now on before I make posts like “Enjoy the weather this weekend.” 😛

You might want to check Yahoo Weather too. My brother seems to like it.

Thanks Hamad.



A couple of days ago Me and INM were in Hadi Hospital and INM noticed something weird! Guys if you concentrate in the picture above you gonna see it. got it? They built a small satellite dish to stand for the “RECEPTION” area. come on now! It was very cheap looking and out of place!

Thank you INM for taking this picture, because it was very hard to stand in front of these guys and take a picture of their lovely dish!


I was torn between the Ketchup, cheese, Hot & Spicy and The one above. I’m sorry to tell you all that I made a bad bad… bad decision. It tastes like something that shouldn’t be tasted by anyone and What’s killing me is that the taste lingers.. it’s not going away!


What a nice way to memorize! walla these people are creative even with learning. Where were they when we were still in school!

Thanks pumkinah


Someone from Kuwait airways obviously got pissed at my Kuwait Airways Sells DVDs? post and is insulting me in the comment section.

Here are his comments

“go die yousef you know nothing about kac just talk bad about us so childish and bastardo dont fly with us go and fly with some one who dont give a shish about you and treat you like a dog you are heeeeeheeeeehheee”

“and bastardo yousef show your shishy face so we can sue your (…) for insulting our effort and next time basterd when you get to your destination safely know that pilots got you to where you want to go routen apple ok wa khalik ryalll”

Funny. Considering my uncle was one of the people who established Kuwait Airways back in the 50’s.


Just imagine EVERYTHING is upside down! 😛 And YES you can use them while they r flipped! 😛


Yesterday my Nephew-in-law’s celebrated his 2nd birthday. We bought him a gift, but we can never give a birthday present to just one of the kids! We always make sure not to let the other kids just watch and leave empty handed, so the nieces got gifts as well! (one of the nieces is very vocal. We’re afraid of getting on her bad side). 😛

Yousef’s Nephew was there too! He cried a lot at first, But once he got to know the faces, he went back to normal and enjoyed his time there. 🙂

In each birthday my wife takes the mission from A-Z! she decided to choose the colours, boxes and even the toys herfself! and as always she accomplished it.

Since the kids are ALWAYS watching cartoons in the living room TV we decided this time to give each one his/her own mini TV plus DVD player which is available HERE, So that their parent can charge them and they are able to play a full movie “2.5 – 3 hrs” in a single charge!

Now when it comes to wraping, My wife LOVES this part! she’s a profissional in gift presentation “Mashalah”. 

Don’t they look great! 😀


Yesterday Me and INM went to Marina Crescent to eat breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. The weather at first was a bit hot for INM’s taste (I was dying but kept a straight face coz i wanted to sit outside). INM suggested that we change our table, so we went and sat in a shady area, and thank God we did! The weather was absolutely amazing under shades! There was just the right amount of humidity + sun + breeze, to make us comfortable while eating our breakfast Brunch Lunch!

I returned the Croissant after taking the first bite coz they heated it up in the microwave without asking!

Birds were everywhere and INM started feeding them (He ate half of his omelette and gave the other half to the birds. He fed the birds eggs lol)

I really recommend going out in the mornings, I mean actually being out to enjoy whats left of our decent weather, coz you’ll find yourself struggling for air in no time. kho t3arfon 7arna may’3ashmir.

There is this new restaurant called Ayyame, It took Biella’s location, Anyone knows anything about it?




I’m posting this from Chabd right now with 2 of my friends. (Allah i3afy itaqnalogya)

Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium

6aa6 6aa6

I’ll take pictures of our beloved national dish, the muchboos deyay, once its served 😛


As Promised 😀

The Muchboos Anthem




Posted By Mishary.

When Me and the Wifey first got married we got this amazing gift from our friend. She also gave us the M&Ms I once wrote about (she designed that box too). She’s always been very creative and good at designing stuff. And now, She decided to dedicate her time and her ability to create things into starting a business of her own.

One of her gifts to us.

She created her own business and called it Ibrah (means Needle). She parterned with a Kuwaiti online shopping site called PowderTalk. They agreed to sell her stuff to the public. You can find the site HERE.

Something worth noting is that she does these pillows on her own. She has no employees or other helpers. She designs them and makes them from a scratch. And from what I’ve noticed, her material and use of colors are quite unique and durable. 
Some of the Ibrah designs you can buy online.

Link to PowderTalk

For International orders Click Here.


I ordered a 4 GB Kingston Ram for my Macbook pro off I went to Youtube and looked around for an easy installation guide and found a good one, I won’t be showing that video in here, Instead I’m doing my own stepbystep post 😛

First thing first, Go to whatever site you like to order your desired RAM. Crucial, OWC & Newegg are all good sites, but unfortunately they were a big pain when it came to placing my order. They emailed me asking for a copy of my driver’s license and my (late) visa card. I ignored them and went to amazon and ordered my RAM from kingston. Windows users, there is a good Kingston Helper in there to help you find the suitable RAM for your PCs.

Now lets get to business. make sure you have a tiny philips (cross) screw driver. and i mean tiny!

Flip the laptop and remove the battery.

Now take the screw driver and start undoing the screws. becareful you don’t want to lose any of those tiny things.

Now remove the lid

There are tiny little clips on the left and right holding the RAM down. press them outward, away from the memory to release them.

Once you do so they’ll stick out. Remove them and place your new RAM. Press them down hard and you hear this little “tikk.” (anything other than a little tick means you broke your RAM)

Close the lid and put the screws back. And You’re Done!!! 😀

*Now its just plain bragging*

The RAM was $115 when I bought it, now they’re selling it for $95, Link.


A Few days ago I was talking to Labeba and she mentioned that our local banks don’t allow their employees to wear red ghetras “echmagh.” And today while I was talking with Ali He too confirmed this! My question now, is this for real? any one works in any of our local banks can confirm this? and if its true.. WHY?? What purpose does it serve?


It seems the rule is applied in

  • Gulf Bank.
  • National Bank Of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait Financial House.

Thanks to Hamad & 5ermesS