A Few days ago I was talking to Labeba and she mentioned that our local banks don’t allow their employees to wear red ghetras “echmagh.” And today while I was talking with Ali He too confirmed this! My question now, is this for real? any one works in any of our local banks can confirm this? and if its true.. WHY?? What purpose does it serve?


It seems the rule is applied in

  • Gulf Bank.
  • National Bank Of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait Financial House.

Thanks to Hamad & 5ermesS


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18 Responses to “Red Ghetras Banned In Banks?”

  1. Hamad says:

    Mishary, old rule.. cause its not the official custom … white ghetra is the one.

  2. Mishary says:

    Hamad Bs i think the red one is the oldest one right? o el echmagh el abyath ohwa recently gamaw yalbesona “i mean by recently 5-10 yrs”

  3. b says:

    not true not all banks go by this rule

  4. Mishary says:

    b then who’s going with this rule? i know for a fact that Gulf Bank is going with this rule.

  5. TAREQ says:

    The white ghitra is the traditional one in Kuwait..but the red one actually it belongs to Saudies.

  6. Khaled says:

    Not all the bank have this rule and i used to work in Gulf Bank i see some wearing red ghetra.

  7. az4iz says:

    One of my family members works in Al-Tijari and he says that say dont have any rule stating that wearing a red Ghetra is not allowed in fact some people come to work in Tuxedos.

  8. Hamad says:

    suits or white ghetras no red ghetras for sure in nbk/gulfbank

  9. Mishary says:

    TAREQ if you remmeber in the 80’s there was no white (echmagh) there was only red one. i think the white echmagh is newly introduced.

    Hamad Aha so we count now NBK also.

  10. Hamad says:

    mishary, white echmagh is new trend im talking about the white ghetra which is the old one. kuwaitis never wore red echmagh.. except in winter la w ham fe nas yalbesoon white one

  11. amer says:

    Hamad is right – but more people are wearing red khutra with ‘lass’ (offwhite) dishdashas because they think it looks cool – personally i would only wear red – if at all – in winter

  12. Chipmunk says:

    I heard about this about a month ago. i started asking all my friends that worked at banks. some verified the fact, while others have not heard of it. i guess it is still in the grey shady area of right or wrong. the only reason i see, would be to look more formal and professional in a white dishdasha and white ghetra, whether it was a chmagh or not. some regards red as being too distracting (even for westerners, the make sure it is not a bright red or orange tie for a presentation day).

  13. 5ermesS says:

    Mishary you can also count KFH coz my brother in law (rayel e5ty) work there and he said “it’s true”..

  14. Yousef says:

    my cousin who works in NBK said its not applied in there 😛

  15. Nada says:

    I can’t see why their employees shouldn’t wear chmagh… I mean the color won’t make much of a difference.

  16. Mishary says:

    Yousef He’s working in the Head Office which i think its not applied there. its only applied in the branches.

  17. HKR says:

    KFH 3ndhom hal qanoon bs ma atwaqa3 enna ye6abqouna eb frou3hom, o NBK ma3ndhom hal qanoun 3ala kalam my friend ele yeshteghel ahnak.

  18. Hamad says:

    yousef: your cousin works in the HQ not in customer-services branches.

    they all have it bas not applied it depends on the branch manager.