This picture was shot a week ago and posted here.

And this one here was taken last night lol! Good for them 😛


Thank you Fahad.


This entry was posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 6:27 am

9 Responses to “Super Market is no longer Soper”

  1. BB says:

    والله الصراحه عفيه عليهم!


  2. pumkinah says:

    la laaaa blogkum wa9el 😛


  3. loco says:

    lOOOOOOl bada3taw 😛


  4. Rose Gold says:

    ya7lailhoom zain menhom !! :)


  5. INTER DE MILANO says:

    yabeeelihom 9aafgaa wallaa :Pp


  6. Yousef says:

    BB ee wallah sij

    pumkinah hehehe shiftay shloon 😛

    loco ehe3 ehe3 😛

    Rose Gold mi na7yat ya7laailhom fa sij ya7laihom lol

    INTER chakchakchackchack 😛


  7. pumkinah says:

    mo bs 3adal el ketba la o feta7 m7la b3d 😛 hehe


  8. Yousef says:

    pumkinah LOL!! eee laaa hatha Allah hadaaahh 😛


  9. ??? says:

    Lol, I would hate to be the party pooper but supermarket is one word 😀 Lol, but one could interpret the phrase Super market as a “Super” market and not just any ordinary market 😀


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