Happy & Hopeful

I smell Trouble

I did! I did! smell trouble

Full fledged problem

2nd car to the rescue.

3 cars. Trying to no avail!

Neighbor to the rescue. Turned out all we needed was a good set of ropes.

And it finally moved!

Victorious! NOT! šŸ˜›


This entry was posted on Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 7:57 pm

26 Responses to “Trouble On The Beach”

  1. Mark says:

    Are those 31 or 32 inch tires?


  2. greyshorts says:

    t’3a6ey elwaih laken elshort a5’9ar ? ma yenfa3 =p


  3. Linus says:

    LOL! Just don’t forget to clean the car from the salt water!
    Take it easy on that beauty you got!


  4. Yousef says:

    Mark 31! the pix must be deceiving, those are 16 inch GT wheels :)

    greyshorts hehehehehe ee we need to improve our sense of fashion šŸ˜›

    Linus It’s my cousin’s :) and he already washed it and added a layer of (i don’t know what its called) for protection.


  5. MY K says:

    Looks like fun šŸ˜› And I think Mark was asking about the tires, not the rims :)


  6. HKR says:

    I like the last shot ;P
    loan el seema khayaleeey


  7. Yousef says:

    MY K oh I thought he was asking about the rims šŸ˜€ I’m not sure about the tires size šŸ˜›

    HKR Thanks šŸ˜€ I bet if you were there every shot would turn out great! šŸ˜› (ballll!)


  8. Hamad says:

    HAHAHAH ashwa eni 7adaaaaart embaaachir!


  9. ZFR says:

    fetha7tooona masewet 3alena hel jet el3alem gamet edagdeg šŸ˜€


  10. Sulaiman says:

    l0o0ool this week kan jet neXt week bil 6arad inshlah … o fay9al emrna bil discovery malah šŸ˜›


  11. Hamad says:

    ooh elshalaih killa ehny… ha nanchib elghada ehny 3ayal? šŸ˜€


  12. Khalid says:

    LOL.. 7asafa wala I missed all the fun! hal week lazim action zyada ya jame3a! ana dash il site chethe bachayek wela ashof hal nice pictures :p..
    7i6 il ghada ya Hamad :)
    thx Yousef 3ala hal Post šŸ˜›


  13. Sulaiman says:

    3shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooN 3yal … il wath3 Dooooowli šŸ˜›


  14. Sulaiman says:

    Tamat ba3t il FJ …. WBE 7MD IL LAH …

    ya walik yal yay :Pp

    Igtra7at Guyz.


  15. intlxpatr says:

    Oh! That old sinking feeling . . .


  16. ŁƒŲøŁ…Ų§ŁˆŁ‰ says:

    Ų®Ų·Ų§ŁƒŁ… Ų§Ł„Ų³Łˆ :)


  17. bin_sharQ says:

    wanaa weeny 3ankom !!!! loo ana wel a5thaar mowgooden chan matebah-thaltow:PPP

    wa Sulaiman sij be3t el FJ ??


  18. Yousef says:

    mnain 6ala3taw kilkom šŸ˜›

    intlxpatr it was quicksand out there!

    ŁƒŲøŁ…Ų§ŁˆŁ‰ mako fayda kilisboo3 3alahal7al šŸ˜›

    bin_sharQ hehehe willy 3afeek bolakhthar 3afas’hom šŸ˜›


  19. Sulaiman says:

    ana a7chi tra …???


  20. Yousef says:

    Sulaiman laish bayi3 il Fj? HA? HA? HAA? šŸ˜› wallah kan 3ajebny 3ad 7asafa 3alaih


  21. Khalid says:

    Yousef: ehya yat 3ala bai3at il FJ bass? egolik ba3ad cham yoom nawe ebee3 baitkom wint matadri :p
    Sulaiman dam 3endik floos il FJ emsh khansafir.. wela?


  22. HKR says:

    Sulaiman min sijjek be3taa ..!! esh7agga … 7adda kan 3ajeeeb … chan ne6artni a9awra 3al aqal 3an el 7asafa … !!


  23. Yousef says:

    Khalid hehehe šŸ˜› ta3al ishalaih hal isboo3! inmayeet ibnad3y 3alaik kilna šŸ˜›


  24. Sulaiman says:

    chnkoum gazrtoooha o ana ma adri .. o inta yousif laish matdafi3 3ani …

    ya jma3a wain 6laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal lar lar


  25. Khalid says:

    Yousef 3ad ana I only missed last week int ele sarlik dahar kila ib sebat il marath ele 7ashak… la inshalah this week (tomorrow) šŸ˜‰

    Sulaiman tara 7ajaztlik 7ag jozoor il WaaQ waaaaQ šŸ˜›


  26. Yousef says:

    Sulaiman 6laal maat awal ams… 7asafa 3alaih.

    Khalid khosh khosh! see you tomorrow 3ayal šŸ˜€


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