Guys just want to share these info with u it might be important to some of u, Just imagin in 2013 what Ramadan will look like 😛


This entry was posted on Sunday, April 6th, 2008 at 9:33 am

12 Responses to “Upcoming Ramadans”

  1. Jam3iiya(L) says:

    !!! in 2010 Ramadan starts on my birthday ! how exciting ;( fasting..in heat (for those who will be in melting Kuwait..) .. on my birhtday.. Doesn’t that sound like a day in heaven!?! From 2009-2013 its gonna be hell..Walking in London next to the beautiful cafes and delicious restarunts waiting miserably for a6an il maghreeb what time will it be 9? yaaa rabeee!

  2. Q80saracen says:

    First one to move to Sweden wins…

  3. az4iz says:

    it’s just 9 years whats the worst that could happen

  4. pumkinah says:

    3adeee en9oom bl nahar endawem then enred en9ali oo edeeha noma 😛 oo takyeeef baraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad 7mdaw rbkum 3ndena central AC !! el faqara shegolooon ?!!
    bl 3ax it sounds fun bl summer entesa7ar oo enred el bait like 12 belail tra cool 7da ;D

  5. Ahmad says:

    I think Ramadan in summer will be better than winter so that I have some time to sleep after returning from work at 3pm. In the previous years I barely put head on the pillow before I had to get up and get ready for fotoor.

  6. Hamitaf La B says:

    Ramadan is just 29/30 days…. ya3ni it’ll pass… its better for the students in the states and such.. they can have their Ramadan’s with their families…
    I love Ramadan.. be it in Heat or be it in Cold weather… I can’t wait for it… (i’ve been celebrating my birthday in Ramadan for two years now!)

  7. Yousef says:

    allah ya lebnan ibtenba6 3ayal

  8. ??? says:

    So are you guys still going abroad even though it’s summer? I don’t think I will, imagine having to wait till 9 or 10 to break your fast!

    The only way I would travel is if our cook comes with us 🙂

  9. blasha says:

    good thing i cant fast

  10. Angelo says:

    Allah Ye3een. Yeah, hopefully I’ll get a Master’s/Ph.D scholarship during that time 😛

  11. Amjad says:

    Thanks A LOT for sharing this! I just realized that Ramadhan is coming closer and closer to the summer and I wanted to know when will Ramadhan roughly be in the coming 3 or 4 years. This post sums it up all, thanks!

  12. JUMANA :) says:

    Happy 2009 Ramadan to all of u Guys =)