We woke up around 9 and went to this indian restaurant which is about 15 minutes away from the chalet. It was my first time to eat there, they used to bring food from the resaurant for dinner or lunch, but I never went there myself.

The Baith 6oma6 (Eggs with Tomatoes) was gewd. Their Tea with milk was good too, but not as good as the UAE’s Karak I used to drink in Sharjah.


This entry was posted on Friday, May 30th, 2008 at 11:52 am

14 Responses to “Breakfast in Alzour Indian Restaurant”

  1. pumkinah says:

    awal mra asm3 feeh ! 7ilo akla 4 dinner and lunch ?
    oo shno usually t6lbon ?

  2. hespeaks says:

    Loooooooooooove it. !!! Yousif, 7aram 3alaik shawagtnee bil shalaih ! :S
    You reminded me when i first had breakfast from that restaurant 😛 turned out after all that the food was OK, edible 😉

  3. Yousef says:

    pimkinah la 3omoman ana ma an9a7 feeh 😛 aklah zain imashy il7al o shakel ilma63am mindakhil kilish mayshawwig 😛

    hespeaks lol ee wallah the food is OK. edible bs!

  4. pink girl says:

    chabati o be’6 6maa6 ya salam
    walla yaw3tnah shakel 9owr alakel etshwg bs alm63m shkla nO
    3aleek bel 3afia 😀

  5. Yousef says:

    pink girl ilma63am a9lan mayendekhel 😛

  6. Sunshine says:

    Looks yummy! If you’re into ghetto indian restaurants I could reccomend a few reallly realllly good ones 😀

  7. pumkinah says:

    sunshine .. eeeeeeeeee nabi nabii nabiiiiiiiiiii plzz 😛
    ye3t ye3t ye3ttttttttt

  8. Adam says:

    ee sunshine, tell us 😛

    Yousef ur a lil darker than i anticipated 😛 who took the pic of u ?

  9. TaLaL says:

    Yousef 7aram 3aleeek la2 , Homesick , 7adk shawagtni wala ye3t men hal 9owar . 9ij akla gawi bas hal mara rai7een 9 , why ? bel 3ada 6 or 7 alfayer o mwa9leen ba3ad 3ogb 7anat alshabab bel shaleeh 😛

  10. elmama says:

    thank god you still alive after this dirty restaurant . your lucky . i warned you before not to eat in such places .

  11. INTER DE MILANO says:

    al chabaatiiii shaklaa 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb !! 7adaa shawaagnii 😛 maal chaay 7aleeb ma3aaah ow jeben glaaasss ow teqemeeess :Pp
    basss ghal6aneeeen 3ala hal be9aaal (onion) tekfaa latgolii fe a7aad kallaaa min seba7 alah khair ?? :Pp la2anaa bekoon imsabaah all the day :Pp

  12. Yousef says:

    Sunshine Please DO tell us about them 😀

    pumkinah lol ham ana!

    Adam I’m the one taking the pictures 😛 and that person in the picture just happened to be in the table nearby 😛

    TaLaL ee mo khobrik gomt ag3ad imbachir wanam imbachir hal ayam 😛 fa ashwa kanaw ga3deen o re7na

    elmama Hamad has been eating from this restaurant for years and nothing happened to him.. lil2asaf 😀

    INTER hehehehehehe la ma77ad kala min ilbe9al.. itarawaly zeena mayinwikil 😛 bs ilchabaaati kaan kha6eeer! yistahil bo22ak 😀

  13. Sunshine says:

    Ok.. Well, if you go to Salmiya block 10 (little India) there is Takar which have AMAZING baw baji (not sure about the spelling) it’s like bread with butter and a weird curry with like potatoes and peas and stuff… then there is dosa which is like a long piece of bread that comes with two sauces… There food is really cheap… anything you order is good but those are my two favorite dishes. Prices start from 200 fils up to a kd.. I reccomend you sit outside so you can take in ALL the sites and smells!! 😀

  14. 5ermesS says:

    LoOol wa3alyyah nashabt ilrayyal tchkchek bhal camera o oho yfich rasa bchay 7alib 😛