I’m off to the dentist in 2 hours. I have 4 wisdom teeth to get removed and countless others to be treated. Aside from the time I got braces, I haven’t been in a dentist in well over 10 years. I’m going to see Drescher & Cohen Dentists, I’ve heard great things about these guys. Wish me luck! 😀


This entry was posted on Monday, May 12th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

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  1. SKAR says:

    Good Luck 😉

  2. The Archer says:

    Good luck! That’s reminds me.. I have to make an appointment with my dentist. :p

    Great blog btw.

  3. The Archer says:

    Oops! :p that*

  4. Kha says:

    Hey Yousef, which dentist are you going to go to? I am studying dentistry and I along with many others want to do some change to the way the profession is perceived by the society. Can you give me details about what you liked and what you didn’t? Describe the dentist and how his manners with you.

    Ya36eek el 3afya 🙂

  5. 7san says:

    Not a very exciting trip I would say

  6. loco says:

    good luck 🙂

  7. Zabo0o6a says:

    Wisdom teeeeth ! OUCH !
    allah y3eenek u’d come home with a face simillar to a tomatoe :Pp

  8. Yousef says:

    SKAR thanks 🙂

    The Archer Thank you 🙂 yeah you make that appointment! you don’t want to end up like me 😛

    7san lol ee killish!

    loco thanks 😛

    ZaboOo6a lol yeah I was dreading today’s appointment! but he said i have other teeth that should be treated before we start with the wisdom teeth *shocked*

  9. Yousef says:


    yeah sure! i’d be more than happy to help!

    now lets see

    1-I went to Alfozan’s clinic.

    2- I liked that I was being constantly asked if I was comfortable or if I’m feeling any pain. I liked that I was being informed of everything the doctor is doing. I liked how every question i asked was answered fully, no matter how silly the question was. I liked that I was never left for too long, 5 mins max. and I liked that I was let in on time, making me worry much less than how i intended to be worrying lol

    3- A) I didn’t like that the room i was in was with an open roof, i heard everything happening in the other rooms. all the drilling and the wizzzzssss… ugh. B) suction people, suction is what we always need when we’re in a dentist, you keep our mouths open and all kind fluids are gathering there! he did put this little suction thing, but it needed to be there longer and more frequently. C) and last but not least, the only thing that really caused me pain was his little stick with the tiny mirror he kept in my mouth. he used it sometimes to keep my mouth open, which caused more pain than the drilling! this thing hurt. keep that in mind and spread it to other doctors.

    4-the doctor was amazing. he was recommended to me by my brother and he proved to be one of the best if not the best doctor ever! (well maybe you’re better lol but i wouldn’t know 😛 )

    5- i think people perception of the dentist, is on point. think about it, most fortunate people never go to doctors and suffer real pain in their lives, right? i mean most people never get their legs or hands broken, so, in most cases, the only real pain they experience is from their dentist. and it all depends on their last visit and the memory they have from that last visit. I for example can’t wait to get back and get all my teeth done, coz my last experience (today’s) was just amazing, in every way!

    hope this helps 🙂 and if you have ANY further questions, do not hesitate 🙂

  10. wisdom says:

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